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Sports Trivia

Only 1 in 40 People Can Name History's Greatest Soccer Players from a Photo. Can You?
From Pelé to Maradona, Beckham to Messi - many of soccer's legendary players have been treating fans to the very best of the game throughout the decades. If you're a devoted fan of the sport, do you think you can name each of these soccer greats from a photo? Get on the ball and let's find out!
Can You Name These Masters Champions from an Image?
The Masters Championship is one of four major golf championships. Do you think you can name these Masters winners from an image? Take this quiz to find out!
Can You Identify the Winners of the PGA Heritage Golf Tournament from an Image?
Some of the best golfers of all time have clinched the trophy at the annual PGA Heritage tournament. Think you can recognize them all? Take our quiz to find out!
Can you name these MLB Career ERA leaders?
For it's ONE, TWO, THREE strikes you're out if one of these guys is pitching to you! Think you have what it takes to ace this quiz? Take a swing now!
Can you name these MLB Career Batting Average Leaders?
Are you ready for this ultimate batting average quiz? It's time to see how well you know these MLB sluggers! Don't strike out!
Only 1 in 21 People Can Name All of These NFL Quarterbacks from a Photo. Can You?
They are the men who lead their teams up and down the field! Think you have what it takes to name the most famous NFL quarterbacks of all time? Take this quiz now to find out!
Can You Name These EPL Footballers from an Image?
The English Premier League is one of the most exciting football competitions in the world. But can you identify the men who play in this tournament from a single picture? Let's find out!
Can You Identify the NFL Team from One of Their Cheerleaders?
NFL games won't be the same without the NFL cheerleaders doing their thang! Think you can name the teams they cheer for, based on their colorful costumes or famous femmes? Take a look and play on!
Can You Identify These UFC Fighters from an Image?
MMA fans unite! Think you can recognize these tough and valuable fighters of the UFC from around the world? Hop in and take the challenge!
Can You Identify The NFL Team from Their Jersey?
Every NFL team has a jersey, and only a true fan can correctly match them to their team. How will you perform on this quiz? Let's find out!
Can You Ace This MLB Player Identification Quiz?
These players are the masters of their craft, smashing records and fastballs with equal skill. Nobody does it better! Can you identify these MLB stars?
92% of People Can't Name These WWE Superstars from an Image. Can You?
WWE stars have certainly made a name for themselves, some bigger than others. Would you be able to name these superstars from an image? Take these quiz to find out!
Can You Match the MLB Star to Their New Team?
Each season, players are traded between Major League Baseball franchises. It's not always easy to keep up, but with this quiz, you will have to identify which franchise a player now plays for. Easy? Let's see.
Can You Identify These NBA Players from a Photo of Their Signature Shoe?
Basketball players need shoes, right? While some of them have their own lines, others have a favorite that they never step on the court without. Can you name these NBA players from their signature or favorite shoe?
Healthy Competition: The Ronaldo vs. Messi Quiz
One of the greatest competitions in sports history, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have dominated the game of soccer in recent years. Test your knowledge of the two legends and their rivalry.
Can You Name These EPL and EFL Clubs from a Portion of Their Logos?
Are you an English football fanatic? If so, then this quiz is for you! Challenge yourself now to see if you can recognize these EPL and EFL team logos!
Can You Match the MLB Player to Their Jersey Number?
Batter up! It's time to see how well you know these great Major League Baseball players! Do you know them well enough to remember their jersey numbers? Take this quiz now to find out!
Can You Match These World Famous Soccer Players to Their Home Country?
Athletes come from all corners of the world, but how well are you able to tell which one they are from? If you would like to test your knowledge, you should take this quiz!
You're a Baseball Genius if You Can Name All of These MLB Players!
Stats! Anyone can cheer a home run, but only true fans know the numbers behind the game. Can you name all of these players based on their statistical accomplishments?
Can You Name This Summer Sport from One Image?
Summer, summer, summer time! Who's ready for some physical activity? It's time to see how well you recognize these summer sports from just image!