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Sports Trivia

Do You Know Which States These Famous Golf Courses Are In?
From coast to coast, the United States is filled with famous golf courses. Do you know where all of the best golf courses are? Take this quiz and find out!
Which Famous Football Legend Are You?
Are you leading the offense out onto the field, making ankle-breaking cuts to avoid defenders, tip-toeing on the sideline while making a jaw-dropping catch, or are you coming after the quarterback with all you've got?
Build Your Perfect Truck and We'll Guess Your Favorite Sport
There is a direct correlation between truck ownership and favorite sport, one born of a sense of place, a sense of identity, and a sense of loyalty. Tell us about your perfect truck and we'll name your favorite sport.
How Well Do You Know The Most Controversial Calls in Sports History?
These are the calls in sports that left everyone still scratching their heads the next day. Do you know which calls they are? Take this quiz and find out!
Can You Identify the Player from Just the Photo on His Baseball Card?
This quiz contains only the best of the best to ever play the sport. Let's see if you can identify these top players from just one of their baseball cards!
How Well Do You Remember the Best MLB Players of All Time?
Are you a baseball historian with a love for the game? How well do you know the greatest MLB players of all time? If you're up for the challenge, take this quiz and find out!
97% of People Can't Identify These Famous Boxing Matches from an Image. Can You?
Boxing matches are some of the biggest events in the world when famous fighters face off. With names like "The Rumble in the Jungle," why wouldn't they be? How many of these famous bouts can you recall?
Can You Match the NBA Player to His Team?
Basketball players switch teams all the time and it can be hard to keep up it. Can you correctly match these NBA players to their teams? Only one way to find out!
Can you recognize these No. 1 NFL Draft picks from a single image?
How dedicated are you to staying on top of the NFL news? Do you know the newest and greatest players, a.k.a. those who were drafted in the first round for 2017? Take this quiz to find out!
How Well Do You Remember the Most Iconic Sports Calls of All Time?
These are the sports calls that left us all wondering, did that really just happen? How much do you know about them, though? Take this quiz and find out!
Can You Match the NBA Player to the Country He's From?
In the NBA, the players not only hail from all over the United States but from all over the world! From Argentina to France to Nigeria, can you match the NBA player to the country he's from? Let's find out!
87% of People Can't Identify Which Sport Each of These Athletes Is Famous For! Can You?
Athletes are some of the most popular celebrities on the planet. You may know their name and know them by sight, but do you really know what sport they play?
Can You Name the Famous Golfer from a Hint?
How big of a golf fan are you? Do you know everything there is to know about the most famous golfers both past and present? If so, here's a quiz for you!
We'll Give You the Achievements, You Tell Us the Athlete
Are you ready to step up to the plate? When it comes to the world of sports, there are a few athletes who have dominated while setting and breaking records. From their biggest achievements, can you name the athlete? Let's find out!
Do You Know Which Movies These Famous Athletes Are In?
Many athletes have basked in the limelight of competitive sports at the highest level and gone on to shine like stars in Hollywood. If you’re a fan of these athletes-turned-actors, think you match each athlete in this quiz to a movie they appeared in? Grab that bag of popcorn and let’s find out!
Can You Guess the MLB Player from His Statistics?
These MLB stars shined, at least when it came to statistics. They knew how to put up numbers from the most home runs to the lowest ERAs. Can you guess who they are? Take this quiz and find out!
Yankees vs Rex Sox: How Much Do You Know About the Greatest Rivalry in Baseball?
There are few rivalries in sports with as much history as the Yankees and Red Sox. How much do you know about that rivalry, though? Take this quiz and find out!
93% of People Can't Identify All of This Fishing Gear. Can You?
Fishing is one of those activities that looks really easy until you actually try it. Sure, you can just stick any old pole out over the water and hope for the best, but you may spend more time waiting around than reeling in fish. Take our quiz to see if you can name these important additions to any tackle box.
Can You Identify The Most Talented Athletes in the World?
We may not have seen them in action, but some of these athletes have dominated their sport. From Serena Williams to Cristiano Ronaldo, how well can you identify these athletes?
Who Am I? MLB Player Edition
Hey, batter, batter. Hey, batter, batter. Swing! Are you ready to knock this quiz out of the park? From MLB's greats like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Pete Rose, how many of these players can you identify? Let's see if you can hit a home run!