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Interesting Facts Quiz: Disney
Over the years, Disney has given us quite a bit to talk about. Let's see just how much you've been paying attention with this interesting Disney facts quiz!
How Well Do You Know the Most Famous Movie Quotes from the '80s?
As far as decades go, the '80s gave us many timeless quotes by unforgettable characters. Some of these quotes have gone on to become ingrained in the popular culture of our lives. If you are a master of '80s movie trivia, then put on your best Tony Montana accent and say "Hello" to our little quiz!
91% of People Can't Name These '80s and '90s One Hit Wonders from a Photo. Can You?
There's something almost magical about one-hit wonders. Perhaps it's the fact that the artists found their one perfect song and we all got the chance to enjoy it with them. If the hits of the '80s and '90s still rock your world, do you think you can identify each of these one-hit wonders from a photo? Get groovin' and let's find out!
If We Show You the Outfit, Can You Identify the Disney Princess?
In the Disney universe, everyone has an outfit that makes them easily recognizable. Will you be able to guess which princess wore which outfit?
Only 1 in 22 People Can Name All of These Crayon Colors. Can You?
We all loved coloring as kids, but do you remember the colors you used the most? Take a walk down memory lane in this crayon-naming quiz. And don't color outside the lines!
Apenas 1 em cada 20 pessoas consegue nomear esses programas icônicos de TV dos anos 60 e 70. Como você vai se sair?
Os anos 60 e 70 introduziram um pouco de coragem na televisão, mantendo a integridade da família típica americana. Quantos desses populares programas de TV dos anos 60 e 70 você consegue nomear a partir de uma imagem?
Can You Identify Each of These Disney Princesses from a Close-Up of Her Dress?
Sure, you remember Belle's iconic yellow ballgown, but could you spot Jasmine's peasant outfit if we showed it to you? Come find out how well you know what the Disney princesses wore with this quiz!
Can You Guess the Real Names of These Twilight Characters?
In four years, the Twilight series gave us five films plus a storyline and characters we'll remember for decades to come. If you're a true fan of the series, do you think you can identify who played each of these characters? Do it! Take the quiz!
Can You Match These Actors to Their 1970s TV Shows?
TV shows from the '70s were some of the best. So, because we know you're feeling nostalgic, we want to find out if you can correctly match these back-in-the-day actors to the '70s shows they starred in.
Can You Name the Professions of These 1970s TV Characters?
Would "Bewitched" be as funny if Darren was an accountant or librarian? It was the fact that he had clients to impress and advertising concepts to create that made the situations comical. Check out the occupations of your favorite TV characters from the 1970s. From DJ to Brewery Bottle-Capper, the jobs were almost as humorous as the shows! Recall it all by taking this quiz now.
Can You Guess the Real Names of These Walking Dead Characters?
Do you have what it takes to survive against all odds when it comes to these questions? Then get ready to put your knowledge of the zombie apocalypse to the test with our The Walking Dead actors quiz!
Can You Guess the Real Names of These Lord of the Rings Characters?
Feeling like you could watch a Lord of the Rings marathon? Well after you're done, take this quiz to see if you can match these characters to their real names. Just make sure that you watch the credits!
Blast from the Past: Can You Identify All These '80s Movies From Just One Image?
Can you name every member of the Brat Pack? Does your heart flutter when you hear “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”? Are you an expert in all things John Hughes? Then perhaps you should be counted in the top 5% of '80s movie fans—and this is the perfect quiz to test you. 3-2-1, action!
Can You Name These Iconic Female Country Singers?
Who runs the world? Well, women have certainly made their mark in the country music genre, but do you know who they are? Let's see if you can match the songstress to her picture.
Can You Identify These Movies from Their Final Scenes?
Movie endings are supposed to memorable, right? Well, let's see if you remember these final scenes enough to name the film to which they belong!
Can You Guess the Real Names of These Harry Potter Characters?
The Harry Potter films may be a thing of the past, but is your knowledge also stuck there? Let's see if you can match the actual name of the actor to the Harry Potter character they played.
What Kardashian/Jenner Body Part Is This?
This family is known for its members' bodies ... bodies that are all over social media and the internet. The question is, are you enough of a Kardashian/Jenner clan to tell us which of them each of these body parts belong to?
Only 1 in 38 People Can Name These JRPGs From an Image. Can You?
From the purity of Final Fantasy to the frenetic madness of Super Mario RPG, there is something for JRPG lovers of all sorts in our JRPG quiz! Are you the ultimate japanese role playing game otaku? Test your mettle (slime) with this quiz!
Can You Name These Stars of "Dancing With the Stars"?
If you're a fan of Dancing With the Stars, then you'll know the contestants who appeared on the show. But do you remember them enough to ace this quiz? Let's find out!
Only a True Fan Can Identify Which Rocky Movie All of These Screenshots Are From. Can You?
How many Rocky movies are there again? At this point, we've forgotten, but you haven't! Are you enough of a fan to tell us which Rocky movie these pictures belong to?