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Cars, Trucks & Engines

Do You Know the Basics of Auto Repair?
Are you like MacGyver when it comes to fixing cars? Can you take care of any basic problem with your vehicle using simple tools? Test out your knowledge of basic car repair now!
How Much Do You Know About Airplane Engines?
They power the flying machines that are used for transportation and recreation. What would the world be without them? Calling airplane engine experts! Take the quiz to see your score.
Only Expert Mechanics Can Ace This Car Parts Quiz!
Toyota says the average car contains about 30,000 parts. That's a lot of different things to keep straight, so not everyone is up to the challenge. Are you an expert mechanic? Prove it now with this quiz!
How Well Can You Identify Luxury Cars?
Luxury cars come in many forms. It's not just those big executive types that are considered luxury anymore. Now sportscars and SUVs have joined the ranks of the luxury car. But will you be able to identify them from a single image?
Chevy or Dodge: Only 1 in 19 People Can Correctly Identify The Make of These Vehicles. Can You?
For more than 100 years, Chevrolet and Dodge have sold millions of vehicles ranging from subcompacts to pickups. Think you can correctly identify the brand based solely on a photo? Try your luck now!
Toyota or Kia: Only 1 in 16 People Can Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles. Can You?
It's the battle of Korea vs. Japan. Are you enough of an auto fan to know who made the vehicles on our quiz? Let's find out if you'll ace this test or fail miserably.
Ford or Chrysler: Only 1 in 17 People Can Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles! Can You?
Only a true car buff can tell the difference between a Ford and a Chrysler... are you one? Take this quiz now to find out and remember, buckle up out there!
Toyota or Ford: 88% of People Can't Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles. Can You?
So you think you are a car buff, right? Well, would you be able to identify a range of Ford or Toyota models by just looking at a picture? Why don't you take up the challenge!
Answer These Random Questions and We'll Correctly Guess Your First Car
Our deepest secrets are borne out by the simplest gestures. From your shoes, we could deduce your occupation, and from the way you style your hair, we can know if you are left or right handed. From these random questions, we will know what your first car was. Are you ready?
Tell Us About Where You Live and We'll Guess What Kind of Car You Have
Where you live determines a lot about your lifestyle. If you answer a few short questions about your local lifestyle, we can say for sure which car you currently drive.
Answer These Random Questions and We'll Correctly Guess Which Truck You Own
You can't fool us! Even the most random questions in the world can tell us a lot about you. Most importantly, the kind of truck you own! You'll want to buckle up for this one.
How Well Do You Know Car Acronyms and Abbreviations?
Do you know the difference between FCA and ABS? Can you pick out a 'Subie in a parking lot? See just how much you know about car acronyms and abbreviations by taking this quiz now!
Can You Identify the Best-Selling Cars of the Last 50 Years?
In the last 50 years, more than 70 million cars were sold! Think you have what it takes to recognize these top sellers? Get your motor running and GO!
Only 1 in 31 People Actually Know What All of These Dashboard Symbols Mean. Do You?
Dashboard symbols are there for a reason, and you should be able to identify them all. Test your knowledge with this fun quiz! We'll revoke your license if you fail, so take your time.
How Well Do You Know the Inner Workings of American Cars?
Are you a MOPAR person? Or, do you lean more toward GM or Ford? To pass this quiz, you'll need a thorough knowledge of all three, plus other American car companies, both past and present. Test your knowledge of American cars now by taking ‚Äčthis quiz!
These Cars Are a Mechanic's Dream. How Many of Them Can You Identify?
Do you consider yourself a grease-monkey? These are some of the greatest cars in the history of automobiles and working on one is the next best thing to owning one. How many can you name from an image?
Do You Know if This Model Is a Ford or a Chevy?
Are you a fan of Ford or a lover of Chevy? The two brands have pretty much always fought like cats and dogs, but you'll need a thorough knowledge of both to ace this quiz. What are you waiting for? Take the quiz now!
Can You Name All Of These NASCAR Cars?
NASCAR cars are equally as popular as their drivers these days, so we're going to challenge you to name them in this quiz. Think you can ace it? Let's see.
Most People Don't Know the Right Price Range for These Cars. Do You?
Depending on how much money you are looking to spend, new cars fall across a range of prices, often depending on what category they fall into. But would you be able to pick out the price range correctly with just an image of the car as a clue? Let's see!
Can You Name All of These High-Performance American Cars?
They're more than just muscle: they're designed specifically for speed, speed, and oh, yes, speed. These vehicles, classic or just released, are considered road vehicles -- which means it's legal for you to drive them around town, rather than just on the track. See if you can tell one hot hatch from another, or a roadster from a muscle car.