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You may have passed the test for your driver's license, but that doesn't mean you'll ace our quizzes about all things auto. Buckle up, because we're about to test your auto knowledge.

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Do you know enough to help Elon Musk with the electric car revolution? It's time to test your knowledge as we jump into the future with this Tesla Motors quiz!

By J.P. Naomi

Are you built Ford tough? Or perhaps you're the "ultimate driving machine"? Take this 15-question quiz and find out which car brand you are.

By Kelly Scott

Está debajo del capó de todos los coches, camiones y vehículos deportivos pero, ¿Cuántas personas realmente saben cómo funciona todo? ¿Sabes lo que es una bujía de un inyector de combustible?

By Author


The history of American auto manufacturers isn't all about checkered flags and the assembly lines. From industry feuds to technology-changing inventions, it's time to jump behind the wheel and test your knowledge of one of America's most iconic industries - auto manufacturing!

By Cherise Lapine