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Take a stroll around the globe with our world quizzes. They're packed with trivia about capitals, landmarks, historical figures and more.

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Remember, remember the fifth of November, but before you remember, plan ahead! Guy Fawkes Night only comes around once a year, so to get the most out of it, you really should choose the right villain to burn in effigy. Let us help with this quiz!

By Zoe Samuel

Online dating can be complicated! This quiz will help you decide which dating app to use. Online dating can be complicated! This quiz will help you decide which dating app to use.

By Ashley Duncan

High school wasn't the best time for everyone, but almost everyone found themselves gravitating toward one group or another. Ever wondered what your bae's high school clique was? Answer the questions below, and we'll fill you in.

By Raj Chander


The American Frontier appealed to all kinds of people. It was a place where jobs tended to match people's aspirations as much as their personalities. Ever wonder what your job would have been back then? Imagine you're in the Old West now, and find out!

By Mariana Sabino

It's no skilamalink that the Victorians had a way with words. If you think you do too, then there's nothing better to do than see how well you know their slang. Give this quiz a try to see if you could communicate with the people of the time!

By Heather Cahill

What's perfectly acceptable in one country could be stone-cold rude in another, but who can tell the difference? It's time to find out if you have the etiquette skills of a master diplomat!

By Elizabeth Lavis

What's in a word? "Your" probably thinking of all those words you've mixed up before, but don't let it "effect" you "two" much. Take this quiz to untangle your mix-ups and everything will be all "write."

By Kevin Zed


If you want to be a millionaire badly enough, you had better brush up on your $500 questions! Do you have what it takes to make it all the way through without phoning a friend? Do your best to answer correctly, and we'll let you know if you walk away empty-handed!

By Teresa McGlothlin

If AP Calculus and Advanced Physics are a breeze for you, then you're probably going to earn at least a 3.8 GPA for this year. But if you're falling asleep in history class, then your GPA may be taking a nosedive! Take our educational quiz to find out what your exact GPA will be soon!

By Talin Vartanian

Language changes with the times. While some words of wisdom have staying power, others wind up on the linguistic scrapheap. Are you an archeologist of aphorisms? An Indiana Jones of idioms? We challenge you to excavate the dusty recesses of English by completing these old phrases!

By William J. Wright

From tapas to paella, Moors to Conquistadors, the Age of Exploration to the Spanish Inquisition, Spain's history is rich with conflict, discovery and cultural diversity. This quiz will take you from the Pyrenees Mountains to the sunny coast of Andalucia and beyond. Can you keep up?

By Laura DeFazio


Take a shot at this war-machine test where you'll appreciate the technological efforts of yesterday and today. You should be able to identify a good chunk of the machinery we've picked for your edification. Scroll forth and be militarily edified!

By Tasha Moore

66 divided by 2, carry the 1 ... wait, this isn't a math quiz! We're going to give you some pretty straightforward clues and we want you to name the book of the Bible. Go ahead — there are only 66 possibilities!

By Beth Hendricks

Pass me the "moonbeam" as we attempt to work out a range of United States Marine slang terms! If you know you "klicks" from your "brain buckets" then you should pass with flying colors. Just don't end up in the "brig!"

By Robin Tyler

If you can think of something that more than five people have an interest in, then it's practically guaranteed that there's a whole world of slang surrounding that thing, too. Take the world of firearms! It's locked and loaded with slang. How much do you know? Take the quiz!

By Ian Fortey


If you're into guns here's hoping you're using them safely, because it's important. Take this quiz and we'll let you know how much you know about gun safety.

By Brian Whitney

Mr. Wizard made a comeback for a reason. We're losing our edge in the science department. If you think you know the basics of science, this quiz may just prove you wrong. Let's see if you can ace it.

By Lauren Lubas

It's hard to let a night go by without looking at the beautiful array of stars above us. Do you know the pictures of the night sky? Then take the quiz to prove your knowledge!

By Heather Cahill

Ever since humans could stand upright, war has been a staple of our existence. Do you remember which global clashes have caused the most casualties? Test your battle knowledge with this quiz.

By Raj Chander


Have you ever wondered what kinds of handguns best suit your personality? Well, now's your chance to step up to the firing line!

By Don Fujiwara

Parlez-vous français? Mais oui? Très bien! So you can speak some French, but can you also spell common French words? If you're already lost, you might find this quiz difficile. Francophones, bonne chance!

By Brittany Rowland

Without common sense, you wouldn't even know how to take this quiz, let alone ace it. This is for the best of the best in the common sense game, and only the most sensible people will pass it. Where do you stand? Think you can answer all these common sense questions?

By Jonnathan Chadwick

Florida might seem like it's all swamps and coastal lands, but it actually has a history packed with rich social and cultural information. See if you can unpack it all by acing this quiz.

By Gavin Thagard


Are you able to recommend the best wine country that Spain has to offer? Spain's provinces offer fine wine, world-class cuisine and plenty of Old World style. Take a look at how far Spain's provinces have come since the Romans and the Moors broke ground!

By Tasha Moore

The mystery inherent in the world leaves most striving for meaning, whether from science, spirituality or religion. New Age religions combine all three at times, helping humans connect with their divine inner selves. So, which New Age religion reflects the true you?

By Marie Hullett