You're Truly a Force to Be Reckoned With If You Get More Than 29/35 on This Torque Quiz.

By Steven Symes on April 28, 2018

About This Quiz

How can you deal with being in the spin zone? Knowing your stuff about the twisty forces that help make cars go can get really technical, since this is the sort of thing automotive engineers think about constantly and debate among themselves.  If you're like most drivers, you're lucky to know that turning the key makes the magic elves under the hood do their thing!

With the coming of more mainstream electric cars, the debate about the virtues of torque has been reignited. Diesel enthusiasts already preached the virtues of having lots of twisting force at low RPMs, which can be a huge advantage. While that certainly can help in different situations, loads of low-end torque isn't everything. 

If you see a car's dyno results, you'll notice the torque and horsepower curves intersect at a certain point. Despite popular legend, that's not always at the same point. If you look at the results for an electric vehicle, diesel truck and gasoline car, those torque and horsepower curves will look quite different from one to the next. In other words, torque is related to horsepower and has a big impact on performance. 

Are you thoroughly confused or do you have this all wrapped up in your mind? Take the quiz now and test your knowledge! 

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