If You're Not a Classic Car Expert, Don't Even Bother Taking This Quiz

By Torrance Grey on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

What makes a car a classic? Popularity in its day? Staying power? Cult status? Is it aesthetics and design, or speed and power that really make a car beloved? Does price matter, or can a car that anyone can afford become a classic?

We don't have definitive answers to these questions. Our quiz tackles cars that fit in all of the above categories, and which sometimes defy definitions of "classic." Some were certainly beyond the reach of the average car buyer, like any given model of Ferrari. However, consider the Volkswagen Beetle. "Volkswagen" literally means "people's car," and the mega-selling Beetle was certainly that. But they, too, have become coveted vintage cars. And while Italy and Germany have long dominated the sports-car scene, a Japanese car from the 1970s made the cut as a classic -- do you know which one?

Whether your heart beats faster at the sight of an "Italian wedge" car, a classy British sports car, or a 1950s American car with tail fins and fuzzy dice, you'll find something in this quiz to please you. But be warned -- you've got to know a little bit about a variety of cars to score high. So start your engines, and good luck!

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