If You're a Real New Yorker, You'll Get at Least 24/35 of These Questions Right

By Stella Alexander on March 19, 2018

About This Quiz

"IN NEW YORK. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!" Native New Yorkers Jay-Z and Alicia Keys aren't the only people who've written songs about their beloved New York. Coined the "city that never sleeps," New York City is flowing with life and excitement. Only a real New Yorker could get at least 24/35 on this quiz. Can you?

Around the world, you'll find dozens of cities that millions of people visit annually, and New York City always falls near the top of the list. A beacon of the United States, the city receives more than 10 million visitors each year. Tourists are flocking to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is always filled with visitors and every New Years' Eve, people from around the world crowd into Times Square to watch the ball drop. While these are common facts that many people know about the city, do you know the information that will prove you're a real New Yorker?

What subway lines can you catch to go to Brooklyn? What does "it's showtime" mean while riding the subway? Which borough do you have to go to for Smorgasburg?

There's a lot that comes with being a New Yorker. From the food and music to the commute and customs, are you a real New Yorker? Only a real one could get at least 24/35 of these questions right! Let's see if you're from the Big Apple!

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