You Won't Believe Which Periodic Element You Are!

By Tori Highley on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

What do you do with a dead chemist? BARIUM! If you're a fan of chemistry and a little humor, this is the quiz for you! From all the 118 elements on the periodic table, you won't believe which one you are!

Although the elements have been around for millions and millions of years, it wasn't until 1869 that Dimitri Mendeleev started combining them into one table - the periodic table! He would go on to arrange them by their mass and with the discovery of new elements, the table became what it is today.

From all the elements on the table, there are probably some that you know and others whose existence you'd question. Elements like hydrogen and oxygen are well known because they combine to form water. What would your birthday parties be without helium balloons? What kind of jewelry would you own without gold and silver?

From all these periodic elements, which one of them are you? If you're sweet and passionate, you're probably most like sodium. Since this element has a low melting point, it's easy for you to melt at the sight of cute scenes. Or maybe you're versatile like carbon. The basis for all living things, this element is found everywhere. If you're like this element, your friends and family can always count on you to be there!

Which periodic element are you? Are you shining with a heart of gold or are you reliable and always there like carbon? Hurry up before all the good elements Argon!

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