You Won't Believe Which Classic Hollywood Actress You Are!

Kennita Leon

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Old Hollywood is still remembered today as one of the greatest eras for film. The actresses back in those days made their marks, and their legacy lives on. So which one of them are you?

Which classic Hollywood actress was the most beautiful?

But who was the most talented?

As a celebrity, what would you be most sought after for?

Which of these actors would you want to be your co-star?

What kind of reputation would you have had?

Which of these headings would've had your picture under it?

Which musician would you have partied with back in those days?

Which drink would've been synonymous with your name?

What would've been your favorite way to relax?

Which film festival would you have enjoyed going to the most?

What would your red carpet style have been like back then?

Which modern day designer would you have brought back to the past to dress you?

How would the critics have described you as a person?

And what would they have said about your work and work ethic?

How would you have felt about the press back then?

Which role would you be most interested in playing?

What kind of house would you have lived in?

Which classic Hollywood movie is your favorite?

Usually, what kind of movies do you like watching?

How often do you go to the movie theater?

What's your favorite Audrey Hepburn movie?

Who's your favorite movie buddy?

What's the best movie snack?

Do you think you've got what it takes to be a professional movie critic?

Which country has the best locations for filming?

What's your best attribute?

Do you rather do singing, acting, or dancing?

How graceful would you say you are?

Are you a good friend?

What's the best thing in life?

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