You Know You're From Texas if You Get 100% on This Quiz

By Deane Kimerer on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

The second-biggest state in the Union and the largest of the lower forty-eight, Texas is big. It's so big that you can barely drive across it on a single tank of gas. The people are big-hearted, the portions are big, the roads are big, and the cattle herds are absolutely vast. Texas is mostly very flat, fairly dry, and in the summer, bakingly hot. It's a land of extremes, for extreme people who do nothing in half-measures. It's a beautiful place with broad, sweeping rivers, massive flat brown plains, and a whole bunch of oil.

Texas became a state in the 1830's and aligned politically with the Confederacy during the Civil War. However, it is culturally more separate than the other Confederate states, and mostly a law unto itself. Its economy is so vast that it can afford to tell just about anyone to go jump, and its industries go far beyond rural beef, or Houston's oil industry. Austin is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, and Dallas one of the best in which to do business. It's a diverse, bold place, for bold people open to new ideas.

How well do you know the Lone Star state? Take this quiz to prove your Texan credentials once and for all!

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