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"The Simpsons" is everyone's favorite cartoon family. With culturally relevant storytelling and colorful characters depicting working-class life, the show has been winning over fans for decades. See how much you know about the Simpsons and their Springfield friends by taking the quiz!

What color is Marge's hair?

Marge wears a beehive (very high stack of hair) that is blue. It was created like the hairdo of the character on "Bride of Frankenstein."


Who says "D'oh" on the show?

Homer says this frequently in the shows.


Who wears a pearl necklace like Marge?

Lisa has a pearl necklace like her mom and often wears dresses like her Mom, too.


Which city do the Simpsons live in?

Springfield is a real city in creator Matt Groening's home state of Oregon.


Does Bart have one or two sisters?

Lisa is the oldest sister and Maggie is the baby sister who sucks on a pacifier.


Who says "Cowabunga!" on The Simpsons?

Bart shouts this phrase out frequently in the series' episodes which is fitting with his skateboard riding.


Who is the Simpsons' Christian evangelical neighbor?

Ned often adds "doodly" or "diddly" to phrases. If you visit his house, he'll greet you at the "diddly-door!"


Where does Homer work?

Homer works in Sector 7G. He isn't known as having a good work ethic. There are many safety violations at the power plant.


Does Homer park his car on the street, in the garage or through the garage in the opening scene?

Homer drives through his garage upon arrival to his home in the opening scene.


Is Homer bald or does he have a full head of hair?

Homer is said to have had brown hair, but he is now bald.


Are the Simpsons all yellow-skinned or a variety of colors?

All of the Simpsons are a gold tone/yellow.


Are the doorways in the Simpson home shaped like rainbows or like triangles?

"The Flintstones" had similar doorways.


The Simpson's __________ is named Snowball II.

Snowball is one of two pets that the Simpsons own.


Does Bart go to an arcade?

Bart goes to Noiseland Arcade. Homer went to the arcade in one episode to learn how to beat Bart at a boxing game they play at home.


Who is Moe?

He is Homer's best friend and he serves drinks at Moe's Tavern. He over-serves to make more money. Barney is his #1 customer.


_________ is the school bus driver.

Otto has long, black hair, wears headphones, and loves heavy metal music.


Do The Simpsons own a dog?

Santa's Little Helper has had puppies (well, he is the Daddy; you know how that works), gone to a police academy and been a beer mascot.


Homer's manager is__________?

He isn't a pleasant man to be around.


Who is Lisa and Bart's favorite clown?

Krusty the Clown is on Bart and Lisa's favorite tv show. He looks like Homer, their dad but with face paint...oh, and hair.


Did Marge ever work...outside of her home duties?

Marge is a busy woman raising very active children, Bart, Maggie and Lisa. Homer is a handful as well requiring lots of TLC. Bart is her most active child whom she has to watch carefully, but seems to give him independence as he is able to get into mischief easily.


Who is the most active church attendee?

Marge attends church regularly and she wants the family to attend as well.


Who is the family babysitter?

Lucille Botzcowski is voiced by Penny Marshall. She had greenish-blue hair and wore a vest and jeans.


Who has a gambling addiction?

Marge struggles with gambling despite her extreme religious side.


Who are Homer's closest friends?

Barney is the town drunk. Carl and Lenny work at the same power plant as Homer, and Moe is a bartender.


Whose many aliases include Cornelius Talmadge?

Homer has many aliases: Home-boy, Colonel Homer, Dancin' Homer, Max Power, The Pie Man, etc.


______ and ______ are Homer's parents.

Abe "Grampa" is a farmer and WWII vet. Mona "Gramma" is an activist and running from the law. She eventually dies after a few runs from the law and bumping into Homer (he faked his own death.


Lisa is in ____ grade and attends _____ school.

Lisa is 8 years old, plays the baritone saxophone, became a Buddhist, vegetarian, stands up for the environment and is the middle child.


Who are Bart, Lisa and Maggie's aunts?

They are identical twins who work at Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles. Similar to Marge's mom, they don't like Homer. Marge is their younger sister. Their hair is blue/grey but Patty's is fuller in an afro shape while Selma's has a part in the middle. Patty wears pink and Selma wears blue.


Who are Marge's parents?

Clancy was a flight attendant. He died of lung cancer. He liked Homer until he realized Artie Ziff was supposed to be Marge's prom date. After Clancy died, Jacqueline dated Homer's dad and Mr. Burns.


What color is Maggie's pacifier?

Maggie (Margaret Evelyn) is often heard sucking on her pacifier and not talking. She has a bow in her hair and a long onesie which she trips over and falls on her face.


Bart has ______ spikes of hair.

When Bart was first drawn, he had different lengths for his spikey hair. Bart's hair is unique to set him apart from other characters.


Who is the "evil genius" who wants to hurt Bart?

Sideshow Bob has red hair that looks like a palm tree. He wants to murder Bart, and sometimes all of the Simpsons. He is a Yale graduate, Republican and used to be on Krusty the Clown's show before serving time for armed robbery.


Was "The Simpsons" the first TV series to be on a US 44 cent stamp?

The Simpsons - Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie were shown on a stamp in 2009; the first time a TV series of animated characters were on a US stamp.


The street address of where The Simpsons live is........

The Simpsons live on this street in memory of Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA where the founder Matt Groening is said to have attended.


Is Bart more like Carlton on "Fresh Prince" or Eddy Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver"?

Eddy Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver" was a character who acted like an angel in front of parents, but was usually up to some mischief.


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