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This movie has something for everyone - romance, sports, comedy, and drama. Show me the money and break out your sensitive side for this Jerry Maguire trivia quiz!

Which famous actor plays the role of Jerry Maguire?

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is known in Hollywood as Tom Cruise! He was born on July 3, 1962.


What is Jerry Maguire's profession?

Jerry Maguire is a 35-year old successful sports agent. In the beginning of the movie, he has a life-altering epiphany about his role in his company.


When Jerry announces to the company that he is leaving, how many people go with him?

Jerry has a very dramatic moment where he speaks to the whole company as he leaves the SMI office. He tells them that he is going to start his own agency and if anyone is willing to, they can join him. Much to his surprise, one person actually stands up.


What is the name of Jerry Maguire's employer in the beginning of the movie?

Cameron Crowe shadowed sports agent Leigh Steinberg while researching the movie. Steinberg walked the media floor with safety Tim McDonald to get him signed for the 49ers.


What is the name of the one person who agrees to leave SMI with Jerry?

Dorothy is a 26-year-old single mother and an accountant.


Which actress plays the role of Dorothy Boyd?

The parts of Dorothy and Jerry were originally written for Winona Ryder and Tom Hanks. Hanks was unable to commit to the project due to his work on That Thing You Do! (1996). Ryder was able to commit, but when screen tests were done with Tom Cruise, they "looked like brother and sister" when standing together.


What is Dorothy's last name in the film?

Dorothy Boyd has one young son. She also has a sister who she lives with.


What is the name of Dorothy's son in Jerry Maguire?

The scene in which Jerry and Ray are talking in the living room for the first time was completely adlibbed. Director Cameron Crowe wanted to create a genuine "feel" between the two and did so by not having written dialogue for that particular scene.


Which young actor played the role of Ray Boyd in Jerry Maguire?

Jonathan Lipnicki was 6 years old when he filmed Jerry Maguire. He won both a Critics Choice Award and a Young Artist Award for his role as Ray Boyd!


Who does SMI management send to fire Jerry?

Bob Sugar was played by actor Jay Mohr. Unfortunately, Bob was Jerry's protege, so it was an uncomfortable firing all around!


Who is the one athlete who stays on with Jerry Maguire?

Rodney "Rod" Tidwell is disgruntled with his current contract. Rod keeps Jerry on the phone for a long time, which allows Bob Sugar to call and secure all of the other clients. Jerry is left with just Rod.


Which famous actor played the role of Rod Tidwell?

Cuba Gooding, Jr., was born on January 2, 1968, in the Bronx. He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Jerry Maguire!


Which professional sport does Rod play?

Rod is a wide receiver in the NFL. Jamie Foxx had also auditioned for the role of Rod.


Which NFL team does Rod Tidwell play for?

Rod Tidwell's name is thought to be inspired by Bill Bidwell, the owner of the Arizona Cardinals for 45 years, who oversaw the team's move from St. Louis to Arizona. He is thanked in the credits.


"Did you know that the human head weighs ____ pounds?"

Ray says this to Jerry while they are sitting on the couch together. Jerry responds only by saying, "Did you know that Troy Aikman, in only six years, has passed for 16,303 yards?"


"Help me, _________."

There were many professional cameos in Jerry Maguire too, including former NFL quarterbacks Drew Beldsoe, Troy Aikman, and Warren Moon. Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, and Roy Firestone also made cameos.


"Show me the ______!"

Rod insists that Jerry repeat this phrase while he is on the phone convincing Rod to stay with him after he leaves SMI. This line has become one of the most famous and memorable from Jerry Maguire.


Jerry says to Dorothy, "I love you. You _______ me."

This too is one of the most famous lines to come out of Jerry Maguire. Dorothy then interrupts him to tell him something very special!


"Shut up, just shut up, you _____________."

Jerry tells Dorothy that he loves her and she completes him and she interrupts to tell him that she has loved him from the very beginning!


Who is the expected number-one pick during the NFL draft in the film?

Frank Cushman is a star quarterback who initially stays with Jerry, but Sugar convinces him to sign with SMI the day before the draft.


What is the name of Jerry's fiancee?

Avery is played by actress Kelly Preston. Kelly is married to actor John Travolta and they have three children together.


Uncertain about her future with Jerry, Dorothy considers moving to ______.

She has a secure job offer waiting for her in San Diego, but she decides to stay because she agrees to marry Jerry.


Who are the Cardinals playing against when Rod seems to get injured in the end zone?

This was a televised game on Monday Night Football. Rod's whole family was home gathered around the TV watching the game. Rod jumped up, celebrating and dancing, much to the surprise of the viewers!


On whose sports show does Rod appear in Jerry Maguire?

Roy Firestone is an American sports commentator and journalist. He graduated from the University of Miami.


What is the name of Dorothy's sister?

Laurel Boyd is played by actress Bonnie Hunt. Bonnie was born on September 22, 1961. She also appeared in Rain Man, The Green Mile, and Jumanji, to name a few.


Rod Tidwell's wife is Marcee Tidwell. She was portrayed by this actress...

Regina Rene King first became known for her role as Brenda Jenkins on the NBC sitcom 227, which aired from 1985-1990. She was born on January 15, 1971.


How many children do Rod and Marcee Tidwell have?

Rod and Marcee Tidwell raise two children together in the movie.


Where did Rod Tidwell play college football?

"I'm from Arizona, Jerry! I broke Arizona records! I went to Arizona State! I'm a Sun Devil, man!" This was Rod trying to explain to Jerry why he wanted to stay and finish his professional career in Arizona.


Matt Cushman tells Jerry, "My word is stronger than _____."

Matt tells Jerry that he doesn't do contracts because his word is stronger than oak. They shake hands and Jerry believes that Frank Cushman is his 2nd client.


"I've had three lovers in the past four years, and they all ran a distant second to a good book and ________."

This is one of Dorothy's quotes in Jerry Maguire. Janeane Garofalo was originally offered the role of Dorothy, but Cameron Crowe wanted her to lose weight first. By the time she slimmed down, she learned that they had chosen Renee Zellweger instead.


Which actor plays the role of Matt Cushman, Frank's father?

Beau Bridges is the older brother of actor Jeff Bridges. Beau was born Lloyd Vernet Bridges III on December 9, 1941.


By the end of the film, Jerry has secured Rod a contract worth ________.

This contract will allow Rod to finish out his career with the Arizona Cardinals. Rod is overcome with emotion!


At the end of the film, we see Ray throwing what kind of ball?

Jerry then tries discussing Ray's possible future career in sports with Dorothy. The three live happily ever after.


In which year was the premiere of the film Jerry Maguire?

Jerry Maguire premiered on December 13, 1996. It brought in more than $17 million in its opening weekend at the box office.


This famous singer auditioned for the role of Marcee Tidwell, but lost out...

Janet Jackson and Regina King co-starred in Jackson's film, Poetic Justice. There is a Janet Jackson poster seen hanging in Teepee's room in Jerry Maguire.


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