If You Get 29/35 on This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way into Harvard!

By Stella Alexander on April 22, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you ready for the Ivy Leagues? Harvard is one of the best-known universities in the entire world! While everyone might want to wear a sweatshirt that says Harvard on it, most people who wear them might have never been a student there! Harvard University has a 5.4 percent acceptance rate, but we don't have enough time to check your transcripts! Take this general knowledge quiz and we'll tell you if you can fake your way into Harvard.

When it comes to applying to schools, admissions counselors look at a series of things, from your GPA to your SAT scores to your extracurricular activities. Since Harvard is one of the few Ivy League schools in the United States, you can expect them to set their bar high for their students. Often considered one of the top two schools in the country, could you fake your way into Harvard?

While Harvard students might be forced to know AP Calculus and Chemistry before they are accepted, general knowledge is probably ingrained in these students. Don't worry about calculus or chemistry because we're keeping the information basic for you! Can you handle a few general knowledge questions? Do you know the name of the table on which the scientific elements are organized? Who is the author of the Harry Potter series? Which U.S. president served the longest term? If you can answer these questions, you might be able to fake your way into Harvard!

Take this quiz and let's find out if you can add Harvard University Alum to your resume!

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