If You Can Pass This Dog Breed Identification Quiz, You're Ready for Westminster!

By Kennita Leon on April 30, 2018

About This Quiz

Everyone loves dogs, right? How could you not? They're man's best friend, and rightfully so. These resilient creatures have the ability to heal, comfort and entertain us in ways that humans can't and we truly do adore them for that. But now it's your turn to show the dog race just how much you love them in this dog breed identification quiz. Are you up to the challenge?

You see, dogs are like humans in many ways; they come in all shapes and sizes and even have different races, or breeds, as we like to call them. They can even be further categorized into groups, such as herding, sporting, working, toy and terrier, to name a few. Our furry friends are popular as they are lovable and we really want to test knowledge on them based on how they look, if you're up to it, that is. 

So, do you think you can identify the breed of the dog if we show you a picture? Will you be able to go to the Westminster Dog Show after this quiz? Or will you be sent back to preschool to learn the difference between cats and dogs? There's only one way to find out! 

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