Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Which Sport You Played in High School

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About This Quiz

During this yes or no quiz, we want to go back to high school with you. In fact, we want to get to know you now, too. Most of all, we want to figure out which sport you played in high school. While you might have actually played more than one, we'll know which game you dominated during puberty after this quiz. 

From basketball to lacrosse, every sport takes a lot of practice. Through the art of practice, you are left with undeniable traits found in the training of each sport. The way you respond to the questions we ask you will lead us down the field to scoring the goal of getting your most dominant sport right. 

While we won't just come out and ask you if you played football, we will ask you a simple set of questions designed to figure out which sport gives you waves of high school nostalgia. You don't have to be in great shape now to make it through this quiz. All you have to do is choose yes or no after you read our questions.

Once we feel like we've faced off with you on the court, we'll take our best guess. Which sport did you play in high school? Answer yes or no, and we'll know everything!

Do you currently work out more than two times a week?

Could you drop and do 20 pushups?

Do you know the rules of tennis?

Did you play sports when you were in college?

Would you describe yourself as tall and thin?

Have you ever helped to coach a local sports team?

Did you earn a varsity letter in your high school sport?

Do you drink a lot of energy drinks these days?

Have you ever run a charity 5K?

Do you currently have a gym membership?

Do you frequently watch NASCAR races?

Were you ever on the high school wrestling team?

Do you have any trophies you won in high school?

Do you still have your team's jersey?

Do you attend sporting events at your high school now?

Can you see yourself getting into golf?

Can you benchpress your own body weight?

Do you attend a Super Bowl party every year?

Did you have a nickname on your high school team?

Did you start playing sports before high school?

Are you still in touch with your high school sweetheart?

Would your friends say you are competitive?

Have you ever scored a field goal?

Do you enjoy watching the Harlem Globe Trotters?

Would you like to learn how to play polo?

Do you consider ping pong a real sport?

Did you graduate at the top of your class?

Do you play a lot of video games?

Do you have a Fantasy Football team?

Do you ever place bets on sporting events?

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