Would you survive the Hunger Games?

Ashley Duncan

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Think you could survive? Well good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

You've been selected to compete in the Hunger Games! Are you excited?

The first cannon starts the game, you...

What would you try to grab from the cornucopia?

Is it better to be feared or loved?

You end up wrestling a boy for a jug of water. What do you do next?

Sun's setting on the arena. Where would you pick to sleep?

You spot a tracker jacker nest hanging dangerously close to a sleeping tribute. What do you do?

Would you consider yourself an outdoors person?

If you had to team up with one of the following kids in the arena, who would you choose?

The supreme art of war is to _________ the enemy without fighting.

If you won the Hunger Games, what would be your first thought?

A tribute is nearing the tree your hiding in, what do you do?

You're starving and see some fruite hanging in a nearby tree, do you eat it?

A tribute is on top of you about to slit your throat, how do you survive?

Would you volunteer?

Would you put your name in the hat more than once in order to get more food for the year? (A sack of rice)

Do you know how to fight?

Can you climb trees?

How much can you lift?

Which describes you best?

It's night, what do you do?

Are you capable of killing another?

When someone confronts you about something, you tend to:

You see five weapons on the ground. Which do you pick up?

How brave are you?

What's your most useful talent?

If you had actually grabbed what you wanted from the Cornucopia, where would you have gone?

To your misfortune, you accidentally walk into a tracker jacker nest. The hallucinations come on in full force. You...

You are offered to join the Careers, but you know you're not as strong as they are and you aren't from any of their districts. Do you join?

How fast can you run?

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