Would You Rather: The Picky Eater Edition

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Calling all picky eaters: If you have a distaste for hummus, chicken liver, meatloaf and fruitcake, then this picky foods quiz is the perfect match for you. We've got plenty of interesting foods for you to pick from, and we're curious about how you'll react when you see some of these raw and exotic foods!

A picky eater is someone who doesn't like many types of vegetables, fruits and protein options. Generally, picky eaters stay away from foods that sound unfamiliar and unappealing to them, such as tripe, raw oysters and frog legs. While we're not here to judge you on your food choices, we do encourage you to explore as many food options as your palate can handle! For example, if you're curious about trying some raw tuna sashimi, try dining on a spicy tuna roll first before transitioning into pieces of tuna by themselves. The idea is to incorporate a food item that you don't like with other types of ingredients to "mask" the flavor and texture. From there, you can gradually transition into consuming foods that you didn't like before!

But hey, we won't be sad if you don't take our advice. Instead, why don't you show us the ropes when it comes to your palate with this picky eater quiz?

Would you rather eat a pizza with pineapples or anchovies on it?

What would you rather eat as a side dish to a steak: green peas or roasted eggplant?

If you were eating a club salad, which of these would you want to remove from it: hard-boiled eggs, bacon or avocado?

It's sushi time! Would you rather eat salmon sashimi or a California roll?

Let's talk about exotic fruits for a moment. Would you rather try some hairy rambutan or a stinky fruit like durian?

When it comes to coconut, are you willing to try coconut milk, coconut water or some coconut meat?

How do you like your tofu: silken, firm or extra-firm?

When it comes to tuna, do you prefer the canned stuff or do you like seared ahi tuna?

When shopping for some bread in the grocery store, do you reach for white or wheat bread?

It's time to eat some greens! Would you rather munch on some asparagus, zucchini or spinach as a healthy snack?

Pressed juices have grown in popularity with several fruit and vegetable flavors. But would you rather sip on some sweet fruit juice or savory vegetable juice?

You've made yourself a healthy salad for lunch, but you only see some Caesar dressing and blue cheese dressing in the fridge. What are you reaching for?

It's dinnertime, which means it's time to choose from either roasted turkey or roasted pork as an entree.

When it comes to hot dogs, do you eat them plain or add some ketchup or mustard to them?

Ice cream is a very popular dessert throughout the world. Are you more into vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream flavors?

Would you rather sample some escargot or indulge in some exotic sea urchin for a snack?

Let's talk about sandwiches for a moment. Do you prefer grilled cheese sandwiches or ham and cheese sandwiches?

It's midnight and you're feeling pretty hungry for a quick snack. You only see a jar of pickles and a jar of olives in your fridge. What are you going to choose?

You're at a restaurant and you decide to order a nice cut of steak. You see an option to add on some sauteed mushrooms or sauteed shrimp to your steak. Which one would you prefer?

If you could only eat bananas or apples for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

How do you take your eggs: poached, scrambled or hard-boiled?

Would you rather eat a burger that has cooked or raw onions on it?

What type of cheese would you like to eat with some crackers: brie cheese or cottage cheese?

Would you rather eat some raw celery or raw broccoli as a healthy treat?

It's time to warm up your soul with one of these soups: egg drop soup or hot and sour soup?

Bell peppers come in several different colors, but which one is your favorite: red, orange, yellow or green?

How do you take your avocados: sliced, diced or mashed into guacamole?

Almost everyone loves chocolate, and if you're one of those people, choose from either milk, dark or white chocolate.

Imagine eating some flavorful beans as a side dish. Are you munching on some lima beans or refried beans?

You must have room for some candy, right? Would you rather snack on some licorice or some wax bottle candy?

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