Would You Make a Good Trophy Wife (or Husband)?

Joshua Laurent

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Nobody wants to think that they are arm candy, but arm candy gets a nice house, plenty of money and in many cases, their own reality show. But it takes a special kind of person. Are you the one?

What is your highest level of education?

What do you call the little things you eat before the main course?

What is your favorite kind of boat?

What's your favorite reality show?

Why would you want to be a trophy spouse?

What political party do you belong to?

You've got gas. What do you do?

How large is your bed?

What's the most important facial feature of the opposite sex?

Have you kept in touch with childhood friends?

What is your natural hair color?

What kind of car do you drive?

What is the oldest age gap acceptable in marrying somebody?

When you hear the phrase, "She only married him for his money," what do you think?

What's your favorite kind of jewelry?

What is your favorite sport?

Who buys most of your clothes?

When you walk with your significant other, what posture do you take as a couple

What country do the classiest people come from?

Where do you get your money?

Which store would you not be caught dead it?

Do you go to the movie theater?

Do you consider yourself better than everyone else?

Which would choose between being broke and content or rich and emotionally all over the place?

What will people say at your wake?

Which game show do you find the most watchable?

What one luxury feature must you have in your car?

Would rather be rich or famous?

What is an acceptable third-party way of finding dates?

What do you expect to learn from this quiz about yourself?

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