98% der Leute können nicht anhand eines Bildes diese Werkzeuge zur Holzbearbeitung identifizieren! Kannst du's?

Von Chelsea am February 07, 2018

Über dieses Quiz

Woodworking is not just a skill that can be learned over time; it’s an actual art that can be perfected as well!

This woodworking quiz covers a wide-ranging selection of woodworking tools that are meant for every task imaginable – from cutting and carving to measuring and assessing. There are several different aspects of woodworking (such as carpentry, wood carving, and joinery) and these various aspects are not exclusive, so there can be some overlap. Although more complex materials like concrete and steel are used in construction today, lumber and timber are still vital parts of numerous buildings – whether for structural purposes or aesthetic value.

From large tools to small tools, or simple tools to complex tools, every piece of woodworking equipment in this quiz is important in its own way.

While woodworking techniques and tools have evolved as time goes by, the same uses that ancient cultures – specifically the ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Chinese – had for woodworking are still relevant today. These ancient cultures used their primitive but effective woodworking tools to create a variety of things, ranging from shelters, wheels, and carts, to more artistic items like sculptures and even toys.

Are you a creative carpenter? Do you know your levels from your bevels? Then c’mon, let’s name all of the woodworking tools in this quiz!

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