Women: Which Truck Are You?

By Teresa M. on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Women and trucks are two things that aren't always thought of as two things that go together But why not? While trucks are traditionally driven by men, more and more women are doing typical guy jobs every day; it isn't a rare thing at all to see a woman behind the wheel anymore. And not only that, but trucks and women both have a lot in common. Women are reliable, hardworking and they often want to take care of the people that they love, and if you have ever had a good truck, you know that they have the exact same qualities.

But if you were a truck, which one would you be? Some of them are sporty and stylish, and ready for a night out on the town, while others are all business, getting started in the morning and working all day long. Still, others are tough and strong and ready for anything. There are even some trucks that are all about ripping it up in the great outdoors and having fun. Yes, there are a lot of different types of women in the world, but there are a lot of different trucks too. Ladies, take this quiz and see what truck you are.

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