Will You Win Fantasy Football this Year?

By: Jody Mabry
Image: Wiki commons

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Do you ride the bandwagon of a one-time wonder, single-season comeback, or are you a traditionalist who puts hours of research into devising your fantasy football team? Whether it takes luck, skill, or pure ignorance there are hundreds of ways to win your fantasy league. Diehards bleed the fantasy football season, while the passive approach is like flipping a coin and laughing your way to the title. Do you think you’ll win this year? Take this quiz to find out.

When was the last time your favorite football team won the Super bowl?

Do you choose fantasy players from your favorite team or players who will strengthen your fantasy team?

Do you ever choose fantasy players from a team you hate?

What fantasy player position do you love the most?

How many years have you been playing fantasy football?

How many fantasy football teams do you have?

How close have you ever come to winning your fantasy football league?

Do you play any other fantasy sports other than football?

Who was your most successful fantasy football player ever?

Do you participate in your fantasy football draft?

What is your favorite fantasy football draft food?

How are you successful in fantasy football?

How do you prepare for your fantasy football draft?

What kind of fantasy football leagues do you participate in?

Have you ever been a fantasy football league leader?

How do you track your fantasy football results?

What other entertainment do you enjoy during the fantasy football season?

Have you ever forgotten you were in a fantasy football league?

How religiously do you follow your fantasy football league?

Do you root against your favorite football team if you need fantasy points?

How much money are you willing to spend on a fantasy football league?

Have you ever been broken up with because of your fantasy football obsession?

Have you ever broken up with someone who didn’t understand your love of fantasy football?

On Sunday, how often do you check on your fantasy players?

What do you love most about fantasy football?

Who is your favorite fantasy quarterback?

Who is your favorite fantasy running back?

Who is your favorite fantasy wide receiver?

Who is your favorite fantasy team defense?

Are you going to play fantasy football next year?

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