Will you live a long life? Find out by taking this quiz!

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About This Quiz

Are your genetics and your lifestyle geared toward living a long life? Find out just how long you'll live. Will it be well into your 90s - or something else?

What age did your paternal grandmother live to be?

Do you eat a lot of processed foods?

What is your favorite form of exercise?

Does your job cause you a lot of stress?

How many children would you like to have?

Do you have a bucket list?

Do you think having pets leads to a longer life?

Which burger topping would you choose?

How much sleep do you get every night?

Which word best describes your activity level?

Do you laugh a lot?

Do you think yoga expands a lifespan?

How frequently do you visit the doctor?

Do you care about your figure?

Which life-prolonging food do you like most?

Which habit would you most like to break?

Which kind of race are you more likely to enter?

At what age would you like to retire?

Which food should you remove from your diet, but you haven't just yet?

Do you eat a lot of fried foods?

Would you say you are more of an optimist or a pessimist?

What do you do to keep your brain active?

What mood do you find yourself in most often?

What will you like most about getting older?

What do you do to try to take better care of yourself?

What type of older person do you see yourself being?

How do you handle difficult people?

What do you think the secret to longevity might be?

Do you go to bed early?

How often do you stop and smell the roses?

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