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What happens when a guy and a girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical? Take this quiz to remember all of your favorite moments from No Strings Attached!

Who is the lead male character in No Strings Attached?

The lead male character is named Adam Franklin. He is a teenager when the movie begins.


As the film goes on, Adam grows into an adult. Which famous actor plays the role of adult Adam?

Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He began his career as a model.


Adam and _____ have known each other since they were 10 years old.

As the film begins, Emma Kurtzman is 10 years old and portrayed by young actress Stefanie Scott. Emma as an adult is portrayed by different actress.


Which famous actress plays the role of adult Emma?

Natalie Portman was born Neta-Lee Hershlag in Jerusalem on June 9, 1981. She is a dual Israeli-American citizen.


Where do Adam and Emma meet?

Adam and Emma are seen sitting together at summer camp. They are awkward and all of the other kids around them are making out. Adam wants to kiss Emma but she says no.


As a kid, why is Adam upset at summer camp?

As Adam and Emma are sitting next to each other, Adam cries because he's sad about his parents' divorce. Emma consoles him and puts her arm around him.


Now in college, Emma and Adam run into each other at a ________.

Emma attends a frat party and Adam spots her from across the room. They hadn't seen each other in 10 years.


Where does Emma invite Adam after seeing him at the frat party?

Emma invites Adam to "this thing" that she's going to the next day. Adam shows up and it's really her dad's funeral. He clearly feels awkward.


What is the name of Emma's sister?

Katie is portrayed by actress Olivia Jo Thirlby. She is best known for her roles as Leah in Juno, Natalie in The Darkest Hour and Judge Cassandra Anderson in Dredd.


Adam's father Alvin is portrayed by this famous actor...

Kevin Delaney Kline was born on October 24, 1947. He has won an Academy Award and two Tony Awards.


What is Emma's profession?

Dr. Emma Kurtzman grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She attended MIT.


Emma moves to ______ where Adam is now working.

Emma and Adam run into each other again in LA. Adam works there, and Emma just began working as an intern at a local hospital.


What does Adam do for work?

Adam works for a musical television show. His aspirations in Los Angeles are much bigger, but this job pays the bills for now.


Why is Adam so upset about his father dating Vanessa?

A year ago, Adam and Vanessa were dating. They broke up and now she is dating his dad... awkward!


What does Adam do when he discovers his dad is dating his ex-girlfriend?

Adam is so upset, he texts Emma and heads to her apartment. She has three roommates.


Emma's roommate Shira is portrayed by this famous actress...

Mindy Kaling was born Vera Mindy Chokalingam on June 24, 1979 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She attended Dartmouth College.


Adam wakes up hungover on Emma's couch. What is he wearing?

Adam went to Emma's apartment, took off all of his clothes and then passed out from drinking too much. When he wakes up, he thinks he had sex with one of Emma's roommates, but thankfully he didn't.


When deciding to have a strictly casual relationship, Adam warns Emma _______.

Adam is certain that he will make Emma fall in love with him. She dismisses his prediction and the two set ground rules for their 'relationship'.


What is the name of the fellow resident at the hospital who shows a love interest in Emma?

Sam is portrayed by actor Ben Lawson. Lawson was born on February 6, 1980 in Brisbane, Australia.


What does Adam bring to Emma when she has her period?

The mix CD is not graciously accepted by Emma. Despite the super cute nature of the CD, she tells Adam that they should stop their arrangement and see other people.


Out for birthday dinner with his Dad and Vanessa, what do they reveal to Adam?

Adam is completely shocked by this news. Of course, he is completely against it as well!


What is the name of Adam's coworker who has a crush on him?

Lucy is the show's assistant director. She tries to flirt with Adam but is very awkward. Eventually she helps him get a writing job.


What is the name of the actress who portrays Lucy?

Lake Bell was born on March 24, 1979 in New York City. She appeared in another film with Ashton Kutcher called "What Happens in Vegas!"


Before he and Lucy are about to have sex, who calls Adam?

Vanessa calls Adam frantically to tell him that his dad has overdosed on a special cough syrup-based drink. He rushes to be with him at the hospital.


When he arrives to the hospital, who does he see outside?

Vanessa is outside of the hospital, dressed to the nines and holding her dog. She gives the dog to Adam and says that she's done with his father and leaves for a party.


How does Adam take the dog into the hospital?

Adam doesn't know what to do with the dog Vanessa just left with him. So he hides it in his jacket and makes his way to his dad's room.


Where is Emma when she realizes that she loves Adam and wants to be with him?

Emma is at her sister's wedding. She is trying to be strong for her mother and a good maid of honor to her sister. But they both convince her to go find her own love.


Who tells Emma that Adam's dad is at the hospital?

Shira calls Emma from the hospital and tells her that Adam's dad was admitted to the hospital. Emma gets in her car and drives over.


Where do we see Adam and Emma hold hands for the first time as a real couple?

Adam heads back to Santa Barbara with Emma. They attend her sister's wedding together as a couple.


After she breaks off their casual relationship, how does Adam program Emma into his phone?

Adam tries to help himself through this tough time by programming the phone so he won't answer it. Lucy sees it and tells him who is calling.


Emma says that "Spooning __________ is like 10 times worse!"

Emma: Adam!%0DAdam: What?%0DEmma: We fell asleep and we were spooning.%0DAdam: We were?%0DEmma: Yeah. And we were spooning with our clothes on which is like 10 times worse.


What is the name of the camp that Emma and Adam attended as children?

Emma calls Adam to invite him to her sister's wedding. She starts the conversation by saying, "Hi, It's Emma Kurtzman from Camp Weehawken."


"Even Flow. Red, Red Wine. Sunday Bloody Sunday. Adam you made me a ________?"

Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love and Frank Sinatra's, I've Got the World on a String also made the mix! It was well received by the roommates, but less so by Emma.


Who plays the role of Adam's friend Wallace?

Luda! Ludacris' real name is Christopher Brian "Chris" Bridges. He was born on September 11, 1977 and is a hip hop recording artist and actor from Atlanta.


In which year was the premiere of No Strings Attached?

No Strings Attached premiered on January 21, 2011. Its running time is 1 hour and 48 minutes and it is rated R.


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