Will You Find Your One True Love This Year?

By: Mark Lichtenstein
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Every year comes with the promise of a better future. The year you'll land that job you love. The year you'll finally move into that apartment you've been dreaming about. Is this the year you'll find your one true love?

When was the last time you got drunk to the point of a hangover?

Do you look back on your ten-year-ago self and feel like you've changed a lot?

Are you open to love?

Do you date much?

What's the single most important quality in a partner?

Have you resolved any of your issues in therapy?

Do you know who you are?

Do you love to do things for other people?

Do you feel silly being goofy around other people?

Do you love dogs?

Is your family pressuring you to settle down?

Are you ready for someone to truly know you?

How deep or shallow is the dating pool in your hometown?

Is your chosen career one that you can do in a variety of locations?

Does your job require a huge amount of travel?

Do you feel settled in your ways?

Would you move house to be with a beloved, within the same city?

Would you move to a new city for your beloved?

Do you know how to argue without it devolving into a row?

Do you know what emotional labor is?

Do you consciously work to do the emotional labor in your relationships?

Do you have a good sense of your purpose in life?

If you could afford kids, would you be open to having them in the next five years?

Have you broadly settled the issue of whether you're religious, and which religion suits you if you are?

Do you like new people?

Are you absolutely over your ex?

Do you flirt with everyone you see?

Where's a good place to meet a potential boo?

Do you judge your friends who are with people you didn't think of as the right choice for them?

Are you ready for your next great adventure?

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