Will You End Up More Like Your Mom or Your Dad?

By Steven Miller on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

We are all in some way the result of who our parents are, and as much you might not like to admit it this applies to you too. Growing up, your parents, as loving as they probably were, drove you crazy at times, and you often wondered how they could be so lame and clueless. Now, as you grow older, you are becoming more and more like your parents every day.  But which one of them is more like you?

Some dads are the type that can be irresponsible, some are funny, some are hardworking, some yell at you when you do something wrong, some lecture you, but pretty much all of them love and worry about you. Some moms are the type that make you a healthy breakfast and make sure your clothes are ironed for your first job interview, while others are the type that crack jokes and tell you about life in ways that your father never would. The older you become, the more you're like one of your two parents; it is just part of life. So if you want to find out which of the two you're most like, take this quiz. Maybe it'll explain why you are the way you are!

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