Who Will Be Your Date to The Yule Ball?

By Khadija L. on May 17, 2018

About This Quiz

According to Professor McGonagall, "the Yule Ball is a traditional part of the Triwizard Tournament and an opportunity for us to socialize with our foreign guests." The ball begins at 8 p.m. on Christmas Day and has a strict dress code of dress robes for the guys and dresses for the girls.

The ball is only open to students in year four or higher, but participants are allowed to invite younger students if they chose to. Champions are required to have a partner because a special dance is to performed to open the ball.

Similar to a modern-day prom, the ball is a chance for students to let loose and have a good time while building relationships with the students from the other schools. There is punch, a band, lots of dancing and supervision by the teachers.

If you were one of the students from the three schools participating in the Triwizard Tournament, who would you want to go to the Yule Ball with? Will it be one of the champions, an international student, or will it be one of the someones you might have overlooked? To find out who you'll end up with and whether you'll have a good time, you can take this quiz!

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