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Test your knowledge on funny quotes from this TV show!

Who said: "I love Golden Tate, that's my favorite cereal!"

Taco is not know for his knowledge of football. The gang always comments on how little he actually knows about football and NFL players.


Who said: "It's a murder boner. What do you think it is?"

Apparently Rafi got a little TOO excited when he attempted to suffocate Ruxin with his hospital pillow.


Who said: " It's fantasy football. So the Hulk should be on my team."

Just like Taco, Rafi doesn't seem to really understand the concept of a fantasy football league.


Who said: " If you screw up my team, I'll cut your penis into thin slices of salami."

While Ruxin was in the hospital, he gave responsibility of running his fantasy team to Andre. This quote was Ruxin's warning to Andre.


Who said: "Are you trying to 'high-na-tize' me right now?!"

While they were getting stoned, Kevin attempted to hypnotize Jenny into agreeing to having another child.


Who was involved in this exchange? Person 1: "Why are you dressed like a whore?"%0DPerson 2: "I had to dress like your wife to get in here."

When Ruxin suffered from a stroke he was placed in the ICU at the hospital. Only family members were allowed to visit, so Jenny dressed up as Sophia to be able to chat with Ruxin about his fantasy team.


What two characters were involved in the following exchange? Person 1: " Hey do you still have those butt plugs with Bert and Ernie's faces on them?" Person 2 : "Those were my daughter's tubby toys..."

Rafi apparently used Ellie' s bath toys in a horrific way...


Who said: " Oh, where did this platypus get a boat?"

Kevin was referring to his slightly ridiculous brother, Taco, and wondering how he somehow came to be in the possession of this random boat.


Who said: " Any a**hole can be a father. I want to be a champion!"

After exclaiming this to everyone, Kevin jumped into the icy lake water to swim after the boat which was floating away and had the Shiva on board.


Who said: " I've decided to commit Shivacide."

Pete decided to intentionally bench players and play Ruxin in the Sacko. He was sacrificing himself to ensure Ruxin would lose and take home the Sacko.


Who said: " Propecia? Is that why his hair goes halfway down his forehead like teen wolf?"

Ruxin discovered Kevin's medications while snooping around the MacArthur household.


Who said: " I think we are supposed to pee on him...might not help but it can't hurt."

After Ruxin had his stroke, this was Taco's suggestion to address the medical emergency they were witnessing.


Who said: "You want this little Miss A cup into a C cup. Am I right?"

Was suggesting a breast enlargement.


Who said: "Is that what you think Krav Maga is? the old Israeli art of hand jibber to hand jibber combat?"

Pete was trying to understand Taco's definition of Kra Maga.


Who said: " You look like a guy that gets beat up by Mormons."

Ruxin was throwing around another creative insult.


Who said: " Cult is such a pejorative term like 'creep' or 'Andre'."

Ruxin got involved with a cult for a minute....


Who said: " I'm just going to go back to Zumba class at the Y. It's more my speed. But thank you so much for all the material for my yank bank."

Kevin was talking to his sexy female Krav Maga instructor.


Who said: " I love painkiller Ruxin!"

Ruxin was being extra hilarious when he was doped up on pain meds due to an injury.


Who said: " I got blue gum thinking about how bad I want to sit in gum for you."

Chuck is one of the league members who interacts mostly online and one of Pete's old friends. His gimmick in college was flashing his testicles and called it "sitting in gum".


Who said: " Ping pong is for fat kids at summer camp."

Kevin was voicing his opinion on this particular game.


Who said: " I was for zipper fairies in Daddy's zipper."

Caught in the act by their daughter, Jenny quickly came up with this explanation for Ellie.


Who was involved in this exchange?Person 1: " Tinker away Tinkerbell, straight to NeverNeverWinLand." Person 2: "Will do Captain Hooker."

Ruxin and Jenny are both talking crap to each other...it is just what they do in the league.


Who said: " You have a category five Yobogoya storm hitting mainland in about 10 hours so I hope your colon is ready."

Andre had invited everyone over for dinner only for everyone to be disgusted with what he had prepared. Taco came to the rescue and brought Yobogoya take out for everyone!


Who said: "I think its great. It's like we have a little frittata wild card in our league."

Jenny was referring to the wildcard that is Taco, you never know what he is going to do within the fantasy league.


Who said: "What did I tell you? Hot girl, Volkswagen Jetta. It's a law, like water or dinosaurs."

Some of Taco's little pearls of wisdom.


Who said: " She googled too deep. She's a deep googler. She's like page 5 shit, man."

Kevin describing Andre's techie girlfriend, who was researching them all a little too intensely.


Who said: " See I just don't negotiate with charity terrorists."

Ruxin was stating how he wasn't going to be leverage to donate money to a coworkers marathon fundraiser.


Who said: "Oh dude, and I dyed my pubes white like Brian's so my dick is terrifying!"

Rafi decided to fill in Pete on his latest dye job.


Who said: "We didn't kill it, okay. Monkeys land on their feet, their like masturbating cats."

Pete was trying to reassure Andre and Taco, that even though they accidentally threw the monkey out the window of a moving vehicle, the monkey was uninjured from the ordeal.


Who said: "Ladies before dickheads, go ahead."

Kevin was being a gentleman.


Who said: "Get out of my way Santa, you little piece of shit!"

Taco decided to be Krampus and attack the mall Santa.


Who said: "I roofied, like, 40% of the drinks here. It's a numbers game for me."

Rafi explained his dating strategies to the guys.


Who said: "Catch you on the rebound, frumpkins."

One of Ruxin's endearing ways to say goodbye to his friends.


Who said: "You look like a Deadwood character at a Justin Bieber concert."

Andre showed up in another hideous outfit, so Pete decided let Andre know exactly how awful he looked.


Who said: "To the Cloud! Like Microsoft!"

Taco was announcing to everyone listening that he was off to go get high.


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