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Think you know the world of Toontown -- and Tinseltown -- inside out? Test your knowledge of (one) of the world's most famous cartoon rabbits, and the film that chronicles his hijinks.

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is based on what?

It seems most improbable, but "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was originally a novel, written by Gary K. Wolf.


What was the title of the original book?

So the original title might've been a bit more clunky. But the book, which came out in 1981, did feature many of the characters that made it to the film.


How similar is the book to the film plot?

While there are some familiar characters, don't be fooled. The plot of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is quite different from the film.


What year did the film come out?

One of the first films to earnestly use cartoons and people acting together (thanks, "Mary Poppins!"), the film was a big deal in the late '80s.


Who directed "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"?

The Academy Award-winning director had a hit with "Back To The Future" and "Romancing the Stone," but the wryly dark film was still a risky departure.


Bob Hoskins plays the detective, named what?

Eddie is a private detective, remember. And valiant will he prove to be.


Where do the toons live?

So while the movie is set in Los Angeles, it's important to note that Toon Town is an animated neighborhood or borough.


What is Eddie hired to investigate?

Roger Rabbit's boss has hired Valiant to investigate rumors of Roger's wife's affair. Mostly, though, because the boss wants Roger's acting performance to improve.


What does Valiant catch Jessica Rabbit doing with the Marvin Acme, owner of Acme Corporation?

Playing patty cake seems to be a very indiscreet activity in Toon Town. Roger Rabbit is distraught his wife would do such a thing.


Who provides the smoky voice of Jessica Rabbit?

Kathleen Turner provided the speaking voice of Jessica, while Amy Irving did the sultry singing.


What club does Jessica Rabbit perform at?

The Ink and Paint Club did resemble the Cotton Club, in that certain people -- in this case, toons -- were allowed to perform and work but not to be entertained as audience members.


Who dies, spurring Valiant's investigation to go deeper?

Not even 24 hours after Valiant catches Jessica and Marvin playing patty-cake, Acme ends up dead -- with an anvil to the head. Is Roger to blame?


What evil character has created a substance designed to eradicate toons?

Evil Judge Doom -- a Superior Court judge in Toon Town -- has created an awful substance to kill otherwise difficult-to-exterminate toons?


What is the toxic substance called?

A combination of turpentine, acetone, and benzene does the trick to blot those pesky toons out of existence. Judge Doom is not a good guy.


What is one of Roger's regular co-stars?

Baby Herman, of course, is not much of a baby after all -- he makes a point, in fact, of saying that he has a fifty-year-old lust in a three-year old's body. (And it's actually more like a nine month old's body, to be fair.)


Besides being the owner of Acme Corporation, what does Marvin Acme did Marvin Acme own?

And here's the thing -- Marvin's will specified that Toontown should be owned by toons after his death. But where is that will?


Jessica claims that the game of patty-cake was a result of what?

Jessica says that she was forced to participate in the patty-cake, as a plot to blackmail Acme.


Who is Dolores?

Dolores is Eddie's long-suffering ex-girlfriend. She works in a bar and helps Eddie -- despite her reservations.


Doom wants to build what through Toontown?

Doom has taken over the city's tram system so he can monopolize transportation by creating a huge, sprawling freeway around LA. Who would ever desire such a thing?!


How does Valiant get the best of Doom's weasel henchmen?

The weasels die of laughter. It's a defense that one should really only attempt in Toontown.


What is Doom's real identity?

That's right; evil Doom was a toon all along! In fact, he was the same toon who killed Eddie's brother.


How does Eddie (cartoonishly) kill Doom?

Ah, the comedic oversize boxing glove! Always a terrific cartoon choice.


Turns out Roger wrote a love letter to Jessica on what?

Acme, no fool himself, wrote the will in disappearing ink. So Roger isn't entirely to blame for not realizing.


Jessica and Roger:

Naturally, Jessica and Roger are happy to get their misunderstandings behind them. The happily return to Toontown.


Who does Christopher Lloyd play in the film?

Lloyd reportedly didn't blink for every scene he was in, to increase creepiness. Whatever he did worked, as Doom is pretty chilling for a cartoon(ish) villain.


What actor voiced Roger?

Fleischer voiced Roger and several other characters. But he has worked as an actor for years in voice and on-screen roles.


Richard Williams was in charge of the animation direction and production. What award was he given?

Williams received a Special Achievement Academy Award "for animation direction and creation of the cartoon characters." The film also won three other Oscars, in Sound Editing, Film Editing and Special Effects.


What two (rival) characters made an onscreen appearance together for the first time?

Yup, Mickey and Bugs share the screen for a bit in the film. Not something that Disney and Warner Bros. would usually stand.


What is (supposedly) seen in some still-frames of a scene with Jessica Rabbit?

It's really not entirely clear if Jessica really is nude, or there's just some unclear color shading. Either way, you'll have to work really hard to try to find anything titillating in the frames.


When did the Roger Rabbit sequel come out?

Alas, we're all still waiting for a Roger Rabbit sequel. There will have to be some changes (Bob Hoskins died in 2014, for one) but here's hoping that's not all, folks.


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