Who Are You?

By Bri O. on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

Probably the biggest question of all time, the one that philosophers have struggled to figure out since the beginning of time, is not just based on who we are as humans as a group, but more about who you are as an individual. I mean come on, who are you really? What makes you tick? What about your personality? Is it just something that you present to the world as a mask? We all have so many different sides of our personalities, we can all be brave, and fearful at the same time, we can be serious and funny, honest and deceitful, humble, envious, hurtful and kind. Many people that are close to you might not know you at all; they might just have an idea of who you are, that isn't at all how you view yourself.

It all sounds so confusing, and it really is, but there is one good thing about all of this, if you actually do figure out who you are, if you really put the work in, you could change your entire life with that information. Maybe you should take the initiative and get started with this quiz to find out who you are. Good luck!

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