Who Am I? World Religions Edition

By Zoe Samuel on March 18, 2018

About This Quiz

It is estimated that some 84 percent of the world's population belongs to a faith, though some people are involved more by habit than by their actual beliefs. About one-third of the world belongs to a Christian denomination of some sort and about one-fifth live under the umbrella of Islam. However, even these groups have multiple divisions within them, meaning that there are dozens of religions before you even go outside of the big names! Add to these Abrahamic faiths, the many religions of the Far East, Africa, India, and beyond, and there are hundreds of ways that people all over the world are currently connecting to the Divine. It's a beautiful, diverse, and confusing cornucopia, and the best part is that no one can be 100 percent sure which one has nailed the facts of our existence the most closely.

While there are certainly different origin stories for humanity and the universe in general, most religions do agree on some basic principles, like helping the less fortunate, being honest, not resorting to violence, except in self-defense, and not hogging all your good fortune to yourself. These are ideas that people from all faiths, and even those who find the entire idea of Divinity absurd, can get on board with, meaning that it's possible for us all to co-exist peacefully if we put our minds to it. Part of that means knowing about each other's beliefs and honoring and accepting them if they agree to reciprocate with the same respect. So take this quiz to see how much you know - and find out where the gaps might be!

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