Who Am I? US Presidents Edition

By Gavin Thagard on March 07, 2018

About This Quiz

Laws, foreign policies, and war; the presidents of the United States have done it all, as they've guided the country for nearly 250 years. How much do you know about them, though? Here's a quiz where you can find out!

It would be hard to judge the history of the United States without looking at the presidents who have guided the country throughout that history. These presidents are leaders of the Free World, though maybe all of their acts as president haven't reflected that idea. Still, the country has progressed, and the president is usually the defining figure in that progression, as United States history is often seen as presidential history. 

Are you an expert on the presidents? Do you know everything about them? What if they described themselves to you, detailing some of their most important deeds or horrendous acts? What if they told you something about their past, such as their previous career? Would you be able to guess who they are? If you believe you can, then try out this quiz!

It isn't for everyone, however. You might want to make sure you know your presidents before you take it. Otherwise, they just might confuse you by what they reveal. If you're up for the challenge, then it's time to get started! 

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