Who Am I: Old Testament Edition

By Torrance Grey on February 27, 2018

About This Quiz

While the Christian New Testament is largely a book of teachings (the majority of it is epistles from Paul and other apostles), the Old Testament/Jewish Bible is brimful of stories -- war stories, stories about quests, stories with narrow escapes and underdog victories, and love between unlikely people. And what's a good story without colorful characters? The Bible has plenty of those, too. Kings, warriors, prophets, liars, sinners ... they're all in there! 

You probably know which Old Testament patriarch nearly sacrificed his son, before the Lord provided a ram for the altar instead. But do you know which Old Testament figure had troubles so great that to this day we use his name as a metaphor? Or which king sent a warrior to his death to cover up his own sins? As you can see, the stories of the Old Testament weren't all about peace, harmony and obedience to God. There's plenty of deception, infidelity and sin in these historical books. Largely, however, this is to illustrate the boundlessness of God's forgiveness and love.

So whether you're a devout believer, or someone who approaches the Bible as a historical and literary document, we've got a quiz for you. We describe the Old Testament character in one sentence (in the first person, e.g. "I went to Egypt ..."), and give your four answer options from which to choose.  Time to rack your brains for all that Sunday School lore! Good luck!

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