Who Am I? Harry Potter Edition

By Zoe Samuel on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

ALL ABOARD THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS! While the magic of Harry Potter seems to be over in written word, it continues in the world and with this quiz! With all the characters that have passed through the wizarding world of Harry Potter, can you name them from a few clues?

1997 brought the release of one of the greatest fantasy franchises in the world. When J. K. Rowling introduced "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" to the world, her audience was captivated. This one novel would soon branch into a series of seven. It would go on to include a franchise of 8 novels and a theme park in Orlando, Florida. 

There are 4,224 pages in the Harry Potter series and within them, J. K. Rowling introduced hundreds of characters for her readers to remember. How many of them can you name?

I'm a Ravenclaw. I dated Cedric Diggory, and I cried when Harry Potter kissed me. If you're answering with Cho Chang, you're ready for this quiz!

While picking out the boy with the lightning-shaped scar might be easy, there are hundreds of characters floating around the magical world. Will your magic help you remember them all or will your score prove that you're actually a Squib?

Wands at the ready!

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