Who Am I? Countries Edition

By Zoe Samuel on March 18, 2018

About This Quiz

The world is a huge place with 195 countries within it. Many countries sport a unique language, and every country has a unique culture. How well traveled are you? Can you tell a Canadian accent from an American one? Can you tell an Irish accent from a Northern Irish accent? Some nations were once empires, dominating other cultures around the globe and leaving their indelible imprint on the cultures and languages of their colonies.

Religion has also played a role in the development of nations. Of course, some empires imposed religion on their colonies, and that did stick much of the time. Other times, as with Charlemagne, religion was responsible for the legitimization of nations.

War too has played a role in the landscape of the world. Wars have led to the division and re-division of nations' borders, have caused the movement or disappearances of peoples, and permanently affected the wealth of nations. Wars have been fought over water, defensive positions, and most famously, natural resources. In the last century, oil and water have motivated wars nearly as much as political systems or religions.

Do you think you could identify a country with only a few hints? Are you worldly enough to triangulate culture, religion and natural resources? Think you're a world champion? Take this quiz to find out.

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