Which Young Adult Book Series Should You Read Next?

Jody Mabry

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Young Adult book series seem to attract as many adults as they do those 18 and younger. Romance, mythology, fantasy, and dystopian adventures are ripe for author-plucking in this genre. Are you finished with the latest hot series? Take this quiz and find out which young adult book series should be next on your binge-reading list.

Which is your favorite genre?

How much do you read in a day?

Do you read book series from the first to the last?

What do you feel about binge reading?

Which is your favorite storyline?

Which supernatural element do you enjoy reading about?

When should your series take place?

What do you enjoy about reading over TV?

Do you expect romance in your book series?

How long should a book series be?

Do you enjoy mythology?

What is your take on shape shifting?

Does the supernatural need to be believable?

Who should have the most mysterious background in your series?

Which protagonist goal could you get into most?

Who is your favorite "Wizard of Oz" character?

Do you enjoy reading about a mythical land you strangely know a lot about?

Which mysterious land do you know most about?

What do you think about good characters gone bad?

Which are you most scared of?

Do you believe in magic?

Which type of story do you prefer?

What kind of a high school did you go to?

Have you ever dabbled in witchcraft?

Which landscape is the most beautiful?

Do you believe in aliens?

What do you think of dystopian plots?

Do you believe people who say they've been abducted by aliens?

Which of these movies did you enjoy?

Are you interested in the movie version of a book series?

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