Which WWE underdog wrestler are you?

By: Joshua Laurent
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

We can't all be the champion, but what's worse is that people don't see what you're capable of doing. It happens in wrestling all the time, even to the best.

Which '80s tag team did you completely forget about?

Who should have had a longer WWE title reign?

If you could eliminate a way to win a match, which would it be?

Which was the greatest Wrestlemania?

Who was your favorite male manager?

Which is your favorite WWE title?

Which WWE title are you glad is gone?

What disappoints you most about wrestling these days?

Do you think you'll ever stop watching wrestling?

Who was your favorite '90s diva?

Which current WWE should be champion someday?

Do you watch Total Divas?

Which wrestler is closest to your personality?

Which old-school wrestling show do you wish they'd bring back?

Which of The Four Horsewoman is the worst technical wrestler

Would you want your children to watch wrestling?

Which is your favorite current RAW tag team?

What is your favorite part of an Enzo rant?

Which wrestler do you wish you knew more about in real life?

Of the following, who do you wish never got into wrestling?

What do you think of ECW?

Which is your favorite tag team that wore face paint?

Who is not in the WWE Hall of Fame who should be?

When watching wrestling, it seems like the best crowds are in what city?

Do you read about wrestling 'inside information' on the Internet

What do you think about the Royal Rumble match?

What's your favorite charitable cause?

Which WWE product would you most want to be on the front of?

Which is your favorite Star Wars character?

Who was your favorite hardcore wrestler?

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