Which Witch is Which? 94% of People Can't Name All These Witches and Wizards! How Will You Do?

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Witches and Wizards don't just come around during Halloween. These mysterious mythical people are as much a part of our culture as vampires and werewolves. They even have a cult following of practitioners. Think you have a vast knowledge of witches and wizards? Take a look at these screenshots and see how good you actually are!

Saruman the White is one of J.R.R. Tolkein's characters in his fantasy series "Lord of the Rings." Although Saruman was sent to middle-earth to be a force of good, he is seduced by the power of Lord Sauron, which he desires for himself. He begins building an army in an attempt to wipe out the race of men. In the movie series, Saruman is played by Sir Christopher Lee.

Asa Vajda is a fictional witch whose story is told in the Italian horror film, "Black Sunday" (1960). In the film, Asa Vajda is sentenced to death for witchcraft in the 15th century but vows upon her death to have revenge on her accuser's descendants. After being brought back to life accidentally 200 years later, Asa Vajda summons her magical companion to also rise from the dead and sets out to seek the revenge she had vowed so many years ago.

Merlin is a fictional wizard popular in old English and Welsh legends and poetry. His first appearance is credited to the author, Geoffrey of Monmouth, who popularized the character. Merlin is said to have engineered the birth of King Arthur, the king of British legends and served as Arthur's adviser. Although his creation dates back hundreds of years, references to the character are common in contemporary media.

Sarah Bailey is one of the main characters in the 1996 movie, "The Craft." After moving to a new town with her mother, Sarah Bailey befriends a group of girls who are rumored to be witches. She joins the group and learns to use witchcraft for her gain, until things stop going as planned.

Lo Pan is a fictional wizard in the 1986 fantasy/martial arts movie, "Big Trouble in Little China." Lo Pan is a wizard who lives underground beneath Chinatown and requires a woman with green eyes to release him from a curse.

The White Witch is the primary antagonist in the book series and movie adaptations of C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia." She first appears in the second book in the series and first film in the series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The White Witch has turned the land of Narnia into a barren wasteland of cold and evil, and turns anyone who opposes her to stone.

The Grand High Witch is the antagonist in Roald Dahl's children's book, 'The Witches' (1983). In the book, she is the leader of all earthly witches and leads them in their ultimate pursuit: to destroy all children. In the 1990 movie adaptation of the book, Angelica Huston plays the Grand High Witch.

Tabitha Stephens is a witch on the American sitcom series, "Bewitched" (1964 - 1972). In the television series, Samantha Stephens is a witch who marries a normal, mortal man in hopes of living a typical suburban life as a housewife. Samantha and her husband have a child, Tabitha, and hope that she will be a normal, mortal child. But Tabitha soon starts showing that she is anything but normal, and has inherited her mother's witching powers.

Ichabod Crane enters the modern world in Fox's "Sleepy Hollow," and Katrina is his wife, imprisoned in a netherworld. She's occasionally able to influence the outside world to Ichabod's benefit.

Mary Sibley was one of the "afflicted" girls who triggered the Salem Witch Trials. Whether or not she was truly influenced by witchcraft, her actions led to many innocent men and women suffering horribly.

Draco begins the Potter series as your basic spoiled rich kid determined to stake out his territory and torment the less powerful. Harry's celebrity is a threat to him, so he determines to bring down Potter.

Paige, played by actress Rose McGowan on "Charmed," was one of the "Charmed Ones" for several seasons. Despite criticism from fundamentalist religious groups, the show did very well.

Nicole Kidman plays Gillian Owens in the movie "Practical Magic." She and her sister, Sally, played by Sandra Bullock, have known they were "different" since they were children ... just not that they had magical powers!

Sandra Bullock took on the role of Sally Owens, one of a pair of magical sisters, in "Practical Magic." These days, she's known far more for her comedic roles than her dramatic turns, but this role melds a bit of both.

In a movie full of remarkable characters, Billy Crystal's Miracle Max stands out. He and Carol Kane, playing his wife, argue over his attempt to bring Westley back to life.

Over the seven books (and eight movies) of the Harry Potter series, Harry grows from a boy unsure of his powers and place in the world to leader of a magical army. He also learns that his heroes occasionally have feet of clay and that his parents (especially his father) weren't quite as saintly as he first imagined.

Disney went witchy with "Hocus-Pocus," with Bette Midler leading a trio of witches accidentally brought back to life in modern times. Their comedic attempts to wreak havoc are thwarted by local kids.

Glinda is the benevolent, if slightly batty, witch who helps Dorothy and her companions along the way in "The Wizard of Oz." It is she who tells Dorothy the secret of the ruby slippers.

Dr. Strange is a unique character in the Marvel Universe. He's not super-strong and doesn't have mutant powers, but he's able to channel magic to do everything from walk between worlds to alter reality.

Jafar, whose name appears to be based on a character in the original Arabian Nights tales, was the cartoonish bad guy in two Disney Aladdin movies. He didn't have a big star voicing him, that job falling to renowned voice actor and puppeteer, Jonathan Freeman.

Angelina Jolie has won an Oscar and been in tons of movies, but never played a fairy tale character before Maleficent. The movie shows the Snow White tale from Maleficent's side, but doesn't quite make her a sympathetic character.

Ron is the good-hearted, ever-hungry companion of Harry Potter in the books and films. The actor who played him, Rupert Grint, bought an ice cream truck with some of his film earnings!

Voldemort is the most evil of the evil in the Harry Potter universe. He started as a student at Hogwarts just like Harry, but went horribly evil.

"The Little Mermaid" was one of Disney's biggest animated hits. The heroine was tormented by Ursula, a scary mermaid whose bottom half is octopus tentacles, not a fish tail!

The stage musical, "Wicked," set records on Broadway and had a tremendously successful touring company. Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, is the star of the show and a sympathetic character who has gotten a bad hand dealt to her by life.

One of Potterdom's favorite happenings was when author J.K. Rowling declared that Albus was gay. In the movies, he was played by two different actors over the run of the films.

Unlike her character in the stage play, "Wicked," the movie version of the Wicked Witch is pure, cackling malice. Her flying monkeys are like furry winged commandos, going after Dorothy and her crew.

When"The Lord of the Rings" begins, Gandalf is a kindly old gray wizard with a love for hobbits. One Balrog later, he's Gandalf the White, possessed of tremendous power and determined to bring down first Saruman, then Sauron.

Also known as Morgana (among other names), Morgan le Fay is a tremendously powerful enchantress in Arthurian legend. In John Boorman's film, "Excalibur," she's played with oily menace by a young Helen Mirren in one of her best roles.

It would be safe to say that Harry Potter wouldn't have lived without Hermione. With her encyclopedic knowledge of spells, her magical carrying bag and her fierce determination, she pulls Harry and Ron out of countless scrapes.

One of Muppet master Jim Henson's greatest creations, Yoda appeared in all the first six Star Wars films, except "A New Hope" and "The Phantom Menace." He was a puppet voiced by Frank Oz in the original films, and computer animated in the prequels.

Willow was the bookish nerd in the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" "Scooby Gang" until she discovered Wicca. She became a very powerful witch, but did take a dark turn when she used black magic to save her friends.

Endora, played first by Agnes Moorhead and then by Shirley MacLaine (yes, THAT one), was Tabitha's mother on "Bewitched." She disapproved of her daughter's marriage to Darrin and caused all manner of magical mischief.

Amy was one of the recurring characters on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." She began as a good witch, but as she experimented with black magic, she ended up crossing wands with Willow.

Disney made an animated stab at Arthurian legend with "The Sword in the Stone." Madame Mim was the stand-in for Morgana in the film, completely stripped of her slinky, seductive nature (of course!).

"Once Upon A Time" has hung on for several seasons now, and Regina Mills has been one of the most popular characters. She's the Evil Queen, but viewers learn that she wasn't that way until Snow White accidentally cost her the love of her life.

Since she appeared on screen in season 2 of "Game of Thrones," Melisandre has been one of the series' most-hated characters. She's manipulated a father into burning his daughter alive, stolen blood from a bastard son of King Robert and generally caused all sorts of trouble. But she did resurrect Jon Snow, so there's that.

"Rosemary's Baby" was one of the '70s most classic horror movies, and terrified a generation of parents. Minnie Castevet seems like a harmless old lady, but turns out to be the leader of a satanic coven determined to bring to life a demon baby.

As is the case with a lot of fairy tales, characters end up being assigned more than one name depending on the intepreter. Queen Ravenna is the Evil Queen (aka the Wicked Queen) in Disney's original Snow White animated film.

Roald Dahl can be counted on for larger-than-life characters (See: The BFG), and The Grand High Witch is no exception. In "The Witches," she's the boss of all the brooms.

Bellatrix Lestrange starts her career in the Harry Potter series detestable, and ends exactly the same way. In the movies, Helena Bonham Carter gleefully chews every bit of scenery in sight as the unhinged evil spellcaster.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that Sabrina originally appeared in the Archie comics? Yep! She went to school with Archie, Jughead, Veronica and the rest.

Tara joined the Scooby Gang of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as Willow's friend, then became her girlfriend. She was killed by a stray gunshot, which triggered Willow's descent into dark magic and the Dark Willow storyline.

Jessica Lange has been the queen of "American Horror Story," and Fiona Goode was her character in the "Coven" season. She was the Supreme Witch of the Salem Descendants, and thus not someone to trifle with. Those who do might find themselves drained of life as part of Fiona's quest for immortality.

One of the few Hogwarts professors to hold her position through the entirety of the series, McGonagall teaches transfigurations and is head of Gryffindor House. She's the one who spots Harry's broom-riding skills and recruits him as the new Seeker for the house Quidditch team.

"Stardust" was based on a Neil Gaiman novel of the same title, and concerned a young man trying to find a fallen star, which turned out to be a young woman. Lamia, an evil witch played by Michelle Pfeiffer, wants to kill the woman and use her essence.

Surprisingly enough, Queen Grimhilde is yet another name for the Evil Queen in Snow White. She was voiced by a former silent film actress named Lucille La Verne in the original 1937 Disney film.

The Halliwell Sisters, also known as the Charmed Ones, were the sisters at the center of the long-running "Charmed" series. They gained and lost a sister or two over the seasons, but remained a solid ratings draw.

Louise Miller was the Teen Witch, star of a movie initially intended to be connected to Teen Wolf. Being a teenage girl, she uses her new powers to cast a personality spell, and it quickly gets out of control.

The Blair Witch is an entirely fictional character created by the writers of the film, "The Blair Witch Project." The Blair Witch legend is based on​ the fictional killings and disappearances near the town of Blair, Maryland from the 18th to 20th centuries and is how she earned her name as the Blair Witch.

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