Which walking dead character are you?

By Ashley D. on March 22, 2018

About This Quiz

"The Walking Dead" has quickly become one of the biggest television successes in America and other parts of the world. It was adapted from the comic book series by Robert Kirkman by the same name, although it's deviated a LOT from the comic at times. It follows a group of survivors as they try to stay safe from the threats that exist after the zombie apocalypse- both man and walker alike. 

Of the survivors, we have Rick Grimes, the former sheriff turned leader of his group of survivors- he always does what he thinks is right for his people, no matter the cost to himself. There's also Michonne, a fearless woman who lets nothing, and we mean nothing, stand in her way.  There's also Maggie, she has emerged as a great leader and someone who knows how to reach and empathize with others. There's Glenn, a former pizza delivery guy whose coward ways quickly disappeared to reveal a hero, at least until he met Negan. And of course, we have the walkers, whose hunger and determination (to get food) knows no bounds. The question is, which character are you most like? While it's nice to guess who you may be, this quiz analyzes facts about you and the characters and will narrow your options down to one. So who are you really? Take this fun Walking Dead quiz if you'd like to find out! 

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