Which "Voltron" Character Are You?

By: Khadija Leon
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

"Voltron" is a Dreamworks animated TV show about five astronauts who defend the universe by forming a super robot named Voltron. Which of the characters are you most similar to? Take this quiz to find out!

What color would your lion be?

Which part of Voltron are you?

Which character would you be friends with?

Which of these weapons would you pick first?

Who is the worst enemy that you have faced?

Out of all of your team mates, you are the _____________ .

If you had a choice to become a paladin, would you take it?

Which of these weapons/ special abilities would you like your lion to be able to use/do?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how good of a fighter are you?

What do you enjoy doing most in the castle?

Why would you go to space?

If you were going on a trip to space, what would you take with you?

Which of these planets is your favorite?

Which animal would you turn into if you were hit by a transformation ray?

Are you more of a leader of a follower?

What is your best trait?

What frustrates you?

What is your biggest fear?

How would your teammates describe you?

What values do you look for in a friend?

Who do you tell your secrets?

Which of these movies would you watch with your teammates?

Which of these places will you visit on your next trip to Earth?

Which of these occupations would you have if you lived on Earth?

Which type of ice cream would you bring with you to space?

Which of these superhero groups do you look up to?

If you were in the Divergent world, which faction would you be a part of?

What do people think of you?

Which of these elements is your favorite?

Which of these video games would you play?

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