Which version of the doctor from Doctor Who are you?

By: Joshua Laurent

About This Quiz

You're ready to grab your travelling buddy, jump in the TARDIS and see what time and space have to offer, but which version of the TARDIS? That depends which doctor you are.

What do you look for in a travel companion?

What's the best kind of coat to wear?

Which is the scariest Doctor Who villain?

What would be the worst thing to happen to a friend?

Who was the best old school Doctor Who?

What age should Doctor Who always be?

Who would have been better than John Hurt to play the War Doctor?

The Doctor has always been a white English middle-aged guy. What should change?

What color would be the dominant one if you were to decorate the inside of a time machine?

Which famous dead person would you like to meet?

How do you feel about the people from where you first lived?

What is the best movie set in space?

If you had a time machine, to which time period would you first go?

Although it's a bad idea, if you could use your time machine to go to the past, what major event would you change?

What should a person never be allowed to go to the future to find out?

What is the best time of day to be outside?

Which sense will be unnecessary in the future?

If a common household pet had to become instinct tomorrow, which should it be?

If you were suddenly going to have a trademark accessory, what would it be?

What is your favorite British comedy show?

How much do you value the TARDIS?

What is the best form of government?

What do you like best about humans?

If you had to live in one country forever, which would it be?

How long have you watched Doctor Who?

How do you explain the horrible sets of early Doctor Who compared with the ones of today?

What weather element seems harmless enough, but danger lurks within?

What's the best thing about a time machine?

What is the loneliest holiday of the year?

How much of your brain do you think you use?

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