Which version of Hulk Hogan are you?

By: Joshua Laurent

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He's been in the limelight for nearly 40 years and has morphed almost as much as Madonna. What era of his career do you best belong in?

What's the best thing about Randy Savage?

What's the best city for Wrestlemania?

Who is your toughest family member to deal with?

Why do friends keep stabbing you in the back?

What do you do when your kids have no talent?

Who has been your favorite WWE women's wrestler?

What's your favorite kind of steel cage?

Who was the best of the Four Horsemen?

What is the best wrestling show not on TV anymore?

What's the biggest problem with wrestling today?

What do you miss in wrestling matches?

What's the best wrestling "talk show"?

Who is your favorite Hall of Fame boxer?

Which celebrity doesn't belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Which was Hulk Hogan's greatest opponent?

Whose career did Hulk Hogan help most?

What do you think of NXT?

What is the best kind of watercraft?

Which wrestling organization do you wish was still in existance?

When do you feel most alone?

What's the best thing to whip people with?

What is your favorite kind of paint

Which is the best Florida sports team?

What do you think of Roman Reigns?

What's your least favorite kind of tape?

Do you love your job?

What brown colored soda do you like best?

What is your favorite part about the Fourth of July?

When your significant other says they are not voting the same as you, what do you think?

What's the best way to cover a bald head?

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