Which Type of Girl Do You Find Most Attractive?

By Teresa M. on February 01, 2018

About This Quiz

There are a lot of women in this world, and every single one of them is different. This is okay, because there are a lot of men out there too, and all of them want something different in a woman.

Some guys like a woman who is career driven and spends all her time trying to better herself and make more money, while other guys want a woman who wants to do nothing but party all night long. Some guys want a woman who would make a good mother, and who likes to cook and take care of the people around her, while other guys want a woman who doesn't want kids at all, and in fact, wants someone to take care of her. 

Some men want to be with a lady who is cultured and likes fine wine and going to art museums while other guys like to date a woman who was the class clown. Do you want a woman that is athletic or one that wants to chill out on the couch watching "Breaking Bad?" What are you really looking for, a woman to be in your life who is your best friend, or a woman to be in your life who doesn't care that you spend all night out with your best friends? Take this quiz to find out. 

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