Which TV Family Should You Adopt for Thanksgiving?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

All TV families have their quirks, which means some are more suited to your family's lifestyle than others. Take this quiz to find out who you should adopt, who you should leave in the cold, and who gets invited for leftovers.

How big is your dining table?

What time are you eating?

How modern are you?

How kind is your family?

Do you say grace before the meal?

How tolerant are you?

How intellectual are you?

How funny is your family?

Is there anyone coming who you need to distract?

How many college degrees do you have between the adults in your house?

Do you love to include a little soul food with your Thanksgiving dinner?

How neurotic do you like your guests?

How stereotypical do you like your guests?

What are you serving?

Do you serve a fine sherry?

Do you like to sing around the piano?

What musical instrument do you play?

How fabulous is your Thanksgiving?

Do you love a little witty repartee?

Do you like having rich friends?

Do you love a little medical talk?

What music will you have on in the background?

What sort of home do you host in?

What sort of car could fit in your driveway?

What sort of neighborhood do you live in?

What sort of decor do you have?

What sort of decor-related conversation do you want to have?

What age groups do you want at your event?

Do you have any attractive single friends in need of a date?

What will you watch on TV?

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