Which TV Dad Are You?

By Teresa M. on January 27, 2018

About This Quiz

If you were transported into your television and you landed in the role of dad, which television dad would you be? Would you be the type of dad that could slay a zombie with a single blow, or would you be the type that prefers to watch the game with your hand down your pants? Although we know you're a great dad, we think you should know who your fictional equal might be. 

You might be the hardworking type like Ward Cleaver, or maybe you are the type that can take a nap while looking like you are paying attention. Your personality traits and your views on raising children will go a long way to helping us find out which dad you are most like. Your fatherly instincts will guide you throughout the quiz, and you might be surprised which father you actually have the most in common with! 

Slide your feet in your slippers, put on a smoking jacket, and grab a cold one out of the fridge. Your only job today is to find out which television dad could be your twin! Are you as manly as Tim the Toolman, or as nurturing as Cameron Tucker? There's really only one way to find out! 

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