Which Tom Hardy Character Should You Date?

By: Jody Mabry
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Tom Hardy jumped on the scene in 2010's "Inception," and has since shown his versatility taking on new and unique characters. From supervillain to apocalyptic outlaw, Hardy is a dynamic and believable actor. But, do you prefer the quiet and tough guys or the strong and outlandish? Take this quiz to see which Tom Hardy character you should date.

What is your ideal mate's communictaion style?

What would you want your date to do for a living?

What style of clothes should your date wear?

What kind of movies are cool for a first date?

Where would you like to retire?

What do you respect most in a man?

What makes for good chemistry in a relationship?

What vehicle should you be picked up in on your first date?

What kind of a driver are you?

Are you opposed to a dine and dash kind of date?

How much does family mean to you?

Who is your best friend?

How would you respond if you found out your date is an international supervillain?

Do masks bother you?

If your date said their life goal was to take over the world by destruction, what would you say?

What is the best punch in a boxer's reportoire?

Is it important for your partner to be close with their family?

Would you date someone who's job would likely result in brain damage by the time he was 30?

Which of these sports is most exciting?

Which is your favorite Tom Hardy quote?

Which illegal activity would you be okay with your partner doing?

How many guns is too many?

Which conspiracy theory makes sense?

In a relationship, are you the talker or listener?

Which is the sexiest accent?

What is a cool skill a guy should have?

What pet should your guy have?

If being chased by a mob of crazies, how should your fella protect you?

Which dystopian environment would you be able to survive in?

What type of relationship would you be most interested?

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