Which Tom Hanks Character Are You?

Teresa McGlothlin

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Tom Hanks has played so many types of roles, it's hard to keep up with him! Let's find out which one of his characters you are most like! Will it be a man on deserted island, or something else?

Finish this sentence: Life is like ____________________.

What would you be found doing at a party?

Which branch of the military would you join?

Which Tom Hanks film do you know the most about?

Which of Tom Hanks's leading ladies do you like most?

What kind of movies do you watch most often?

Which of Tom Hanks's wife's movie do you like most?

What is the first thing you would do if you woke up on a deserted island?

What did you like most about the film "Big?"

Which actor do you think is as good as Tom Hanks?

If you had lunch with Tom Hanks, what would you talk about?

Would you describe yourself as tough?

What would be your job on a movie set?

What do you think of Lieutenant Dan?

Which job might you have had in a former life?

Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

What kind of military job might you be qualified for?

What sport would you be best at?

Which word do you think of when you hear the name Jenny?

Do you speak to strangers who sit next to you?

How many children would you like to have?

Which item would you like to scratch off your bucket list?

What do you think is your best trait?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

What might you name a new pet?

Which "Toy Story" character are you most like?

Would you rather fly, drive, or take a cruise on a long trip?

Would your friends say you are brave?

What do you think takes the most courage?

Do you think you would make a good cowboy?

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