Which Three's Company character are you?

By: Joshua Laurent

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Coming up in March 2017, it will be 40 years since Three's Company first aired. And yet, everyone still knows about the sitcom and those crazy characters. Which one spoke to you?

If your life could be based on anything, which would it be?

Who was your favorite woman on Three's Company, who was only on a couple of seasons?

Which landlord on Three's Company was the funniest?

What's the strangest part of the Three's Company opening?

If you had to have one of the following careers, which would it be?

How long should an adult live in an apartment with roommates after high school or college?

There were 8 seasons of Three's Company. How many should there have been?

What do you think of the Three's Company theme song?

What was the best network for shows in the 1980s?

Which was your favorite movie with John Ritter?

What was your favorite John Ritter voiceover project?

Who went on to the worst career after Three's Company?

Which is the most prestigious award John Ritter won for his acting work?

Which was the best series starring John Ritter that came after Three's Company?

What was the funniest problem dealt with on Three's Company?

If one of the female roommates during the run of the show had to be your roommate, who would you choose?

What was the showing missing?

Three's Company was based on a British comedy. Which is your favorite British comedy?

The show ranked in the Top 10 for seven of its eight seasons. What does that say?

Suzanne Sommers left the show because she thought she was the star. How'd that work out for her?

What's the craziest thing Suzanne Sommers has publicly said?

What show featured Joyce Dewitt's best guest-starring role?

How many televisions do you have in your home?

Which Seinfeld character do you most relate to?

Which Friends character do you most relate to?

Which is the best cartoon show?

Which of these animals scares you the most?

If you opened a bistro and named it after someone named Jack, what would you call it?

You've never seen it, but which one sounds like the worst movie or TV show Priscilla Barnes has been featured in?

How would Three's Company had been different if it was on HBO?

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