Which of the Three Stooges Are You?

Marie Seva

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About This Quiz

Find out which of the members of the comedic trio fits your personality best.

You need some help at work. You:

Someone cuts in your queue at the grocery store, what do you do?

You have a noisy neighbor, so you:

Walking to work, someone who's also in a rush, bumps you. What do you do?

You just finished a rather long and difficult project. What do you do next?

Someone approaches you to ask for directions. Your response would be:

Your dog jumped to the table and ate your lunch. How would you react?

You play a game in your phone and you're sure you'd win - but then you lose. What would you do next?

Your favorite restaurant just opened to serve buffet. What would your reaction be?

You went hiking and found that the trail was more difficult than you expected. Your next move is:

You have been flagged for overspeeding . Now, what do you do?

You need a new supplier but you have no time to look for one yourself. You are inclined toward:

You realize that you ran out of food stocks in your fridge but payday isn't until the next day. Your next step is:

It's the birthday of your special someone, and he/she has 3 things listed in his/her wishlist. What do you do?

You have a new boss. Your tendency is to:

You just bought cereal but can't find it in your grocery bag. You go back to the store and you:

A good friend hosted a party but it didn't turn out too well. What do you do?

Your team's project turned out to be a flop. How would you handle it?

At work, fire broke out in the room next to yours. What would you do?

You wanted to go to Maldives for your long vacation but flights are fully booked. You:

In a restaurant, you find dishes with peculiar sounding names. How would you react?

Your favorite song is playing and you want to sing or dance along but there are people around. What do you do?

When Halloween comes, what do you typically do?

Crossing the street you found the sign stuck at "don't walk." What do you do?

Your business partner made a big error that cost your business quite a loss. How would you react?

You choose a good restaurant for you and your date on the weekend. Your friend suggests a new place in town. What would you do?

Company workload has been enormous for everyone lately. Your likely reaction is:

You were feeling down and ordered a sundae. The counter personnel wanted to cheer you up and gave you a cherry topping. How would you react?

You are the chef in a restaurant, and someone complains about vegetables not being fresh. You:

You forgot the rings you were supposed to bring to your bestfriend's wedding. What do you do?

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