Which The Santa Clarita Diet Character are You?

By: Teresa M.
Image: The Movie DB

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Imagine if someone you loved suddenly became a hilarious, flesh-eating zombie. Which of the characters from "The Santa Clarita Diet" would you handle it like?

If you were to buy a new car, which car would it be?

If you were forced to eat an all meat diet, which meat would you eat most?

If you were to visit a paranormal conference, what booth would you like to visit?

What would be the best part about being undead?

If you were to become undead, what part of a human would you eat first?

Would you like living in the suburbs?

Which mythical creature would you like to see?

How do you store fresh meat?

What did your parents do that drove you crazy growing up?

What would you store in a storage unit?

What risky place might you try to have sex?

Do you think you would be a good real estate agent?

What did you think of Loki's musical performance?

Which of the following Drew Barrymore films did you like most?

What California attraction would you most like to visit?

What do you think the red ball Sheila threw up really is?

What position would you play on a football team?

What should you high school nickname have been?

What insect do you like the least?

Which of the following would you eat from your lawn?

How would you dispose of a body?

Which of Sheila and Joel's friends do you like most?

What would you most like to try building?

Which Timothy Olyphant movie do you like most?

What would you do with money you found in a hidden place?

What item are you always losing?

How would you describe your current relationship?

How would you get rid of ants in your yard?

If your loved one became undead, who would you call first?

What hobby would you like to practice more?

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